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Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling Chairs

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If you're looking to improve your posture and get the spring back in your step, pop in and give them a try... you wont be dissapointed.

Kneeling Chairs

Best-Selling Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs with curved wooden runners trigger your balance reflex. This automatically straightens up and balances the spine over the pelvis - even neck carriage improves. The level of pulse and breathing is raised, driving greater circulation and extra oxygenation.

As the user gets more skilled (about a week or so) the body weight will regulate the position of the chair to exactly match the task ... writing reading thinking ... while the knee pads will prevent the body from sliding forwards. We have thousands of clients who use neeling chairs with lots of movement for all day office work. It can be used just about anywhere, as it's small, strong and very easy to handle.

Varier Variable

Kneeling Chair with Backrest

The absolute best keeling chair we have ever found for full 7hr+ days of working.

We believe the Thatsit is the ultimate kneeling chair because it allows the most movement and offers the greatest support. This movement and support is combined with adjustable backrest depth, height and it also has adjustable leg supports to sit almost any height of person (5ft to 6ft6in)

Varier Thatsit

Portable Kneeling Chair

The best kneeling chair we've found for compact living, occasional use and short periods of working (up to 2 hours). Beyond this length of time we would we recommend the Wing, Variable or Thatsit.
The Multi is made to an exceptionally high quality and has a 7 year warranty. It's a great chair if you need to sit for an hour or so and then fold it away.

Varier Multi

Budget Kneeling Chair

Strongly made and good value for short term / occasional use, but doesn't have the variety we specify for long hours of sitting.    Tip:- Note that Castors are tough on domestic carpets and floors so, for several reasons, we suggest another choice for sitting above an hour especially home working

Posture Chair

Swivel Kneeling Chair

The Wing allows more movement than either the Variable or the Multi. Wing is an unconventional working chair with castors, height adjustement, swivel and tilt functions.

The Varier Wing promotes active sitting and keeps you breathing deeply, giving your energy levels and concentration an invaluable boost.

It swivels and is height adjustable making it ideal for use at unusual height tables. The Wing comes with soft castors for hard or soft floors.

Varier Wing

Zero Gravity

This is the ultimate relaxation chair. It is extremely comfortable and gives the best possible support when reclining. The Gravity recliner meets almost every seating requirement without strain.

Varier Gravity

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