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The Mobiliser

The Mobiliser
The Mobiliser

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

The Mobiliser

The Mobiliser - Chiropractor Richard Gubbay talks about beating back pain with from Back In Action on Vimeo.

We love explaining the Mobiliser concept

Sandy Phillips talks about The Mobiliser and Balanced Riding - Horse Magazine from Back In Action on Vimeo.

Back in Action and the Mobiliser in a few paragraphs.

We love helping people overcome back pain... on the telephone, in store, online, at your office and at home.

We listen! ... then offer skilled advice and, if needed, help choose from 1000's of products. We've been beating back pain for over 25 years.

Our Mobiliser™ System for example puts you back in control... In the comfort of your own home.

Affectionately called the Mobi by users The Mobiliser has the power to get stiff joints moving!... And when combined with our inclusive consultancy the Mobi System helps most users to feel poised, lighter and younger.

In fact, if the Mobi System and our daily advice doesn't help you achieve what you are seeking we help pay for private treatment. (Up to a maximum. See price page)
The Mobi System has passed severe military tests but you'll be pleased to know the Mobi System wont break you. A taster session in our centres is from just £10.
We can even measure your spine before and after a Mobi Session with our amazing Spinalyser. (The Spinalyser is the same system we are using to help world class athletes find flaws in their backs and avoid spasms.)
We offer the Mobi System all over the world.

So you can understand why thousands of people every week take advantage of our expertise. We proudly include hundreds of medics, world-famous celebrities, gold medallists, and every RAF rehabilitation base in our list of customers. We don't know of any back care specialists with a better reputation.
Our main concern is the next person that we can help. Hopefully, that person is you.

Mobiliser System - a Quick Summary...

(Well Worth Reading)

We love helping people overcome back pain... on the telephone, in store, online, at your office and at home.

The Mobiliser System was developed by us because people get stuck in everlasting back pain. It's most effective on pain that's lasted more than six months and hasn't responded to rest, drugs, treatment or gadgets. Unlike many forms of traditional treatment The MobiliserSystem is a state of the art device we send to your home PLUS our advice and guidance.

Back In Action developed The Mobiliser, which was tested by NATO, MOD, RAF and is used in every UK military Rehab Base. Our expertise, when added to The Mobiliser has helped tens of thousands beat back pain.

The Mobiliser System puts you back in control... In the comfort of your own home.

Stage 1
Read about the Mobiliser™ System, visit us for a test drive, or use one at a local practitioner. 

Stage 2
Book a 1-month package. We deliver the Mobiliser™ (or you can collect) and set up our consultancy.

Stage 3
You use the Mobiliser™ at home and we chat about your history and how you are progressing.

Stage 4
After a few days most users feel more flexible and have less pain. We discuss increasing the intensity.

Stage 5
After a few weeks most users are convinced they've found their answer.

Cost: A month package costs £199 if you collect and return to a store. Delivery and return at cost otherwise.

Is there any risk?.... well the Nato / MOD trial found The Mobiliser™ safe and effective..and that's why they use them every day in every rehab unit to beat back pain.

By the way...... some people become owners!.... because they find the daily use of a Mobiliser™ keeps them feeling fitter, younger and more able to enjoy life.

Don't delay...get reading... get tasting...get rid of pain ASAP


Famous Mobiliser users

These famous people could charge thousands of pounds for Back in Action to use their name. However all let us use their name for free thanks to the benefit the Mobiliser has given them.

Overview of the Mobiliser

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