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Tripp Trapp Buying Tips

Tripp Trapp ®: This is not just a highchair, this is the start of teaching your child to sit with the correct posture, the Tripp Trapp ® chair should be adjusted once or twice a year to adapt to your ever growing child. If you lose or forget the tips on how to adjust the chair, give us a call we will be only too happy to help.

Chair Colour Tips: Please note whitewash stain is transparent and the wood grain is visible through it. It is a cloudy rather than pure white and varies with natural wood variations. The white colour from Stokke ® is an alternative and is a cleaner more predictable white.
The Cherry stain may appear to have a more orange tone than expected. We don't accept returns due to these characteristics and if in doubt, please ask us to send a sample pre-delivery.

Newborn ™: Choose a colour that suits you, and use the extra textiles to allow for the other to be in the wash. The Newborn ™ also acts as a rocker when used on the floor.

Babyset: Young children love bright colours so go mad... choose the high chair in your favourite colour but the conversion in a bright colour that your child will enjoy. When the high chair conversion is removed the chair becomes more “you” and fits with your interior design scheme.

Cushion: Use ONLY the backrest cushion until your child is out of nappies. Your child will be more comfortable sitting on the wooden seat than on the seat cushion, plus the wooden seat can be wiped clean after every meal time, and it's much easier to get your baby in and out of the chair. All the cushion sets are completely machine-washable.

Harness: Every high-chair is safer if you use a harness. Not all children will try and climb out of a high chair but physically advanced children might, even at 6 months. As with all high chairs, DO keep the harness on the chair at all times. Stokke's ® harness (below) is simply the best we've seen, and it contains very strong attachment clips to connect it to the chair.

Table Top: Stokke ® have developed a table protector that is also a playstation for younger children. Highly recommended if you use the Tripp Trapp around expensive tables.

Cleaning: The Tripp Trapp ® is made of solid, varnished or painted wood, and needs to be cleaned similar to an expensive dining table. Stokke ® recommends no detergents are used on the chair. Use only warm water, and remember to wipe the chair dry after cleaning

Tripp Trapp Journey

Tripp Trapp ® ® Special Offer RRP£239.00 £ 163.00


Free Tripp Trapp Babysets when bought with a Tripp Trapp and Tripp Trapp Cushion.
Ends 30th Sept 2014.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair
Frame Colour
Cushions for the Tripp Trapp
Fabric Colour
Tripp Trapp Baby Set

Stokke ® Tripp Trapp ® Chair from RRP£159.00 £ 135.00

The Tripp Trapp ®chair adjusts to fit children from 0 months (with the Newborn), from 6 months (with the babyset), up to adulthood. Back in Action offers free Ergonomic advice at every stage to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. NB: Please read our 'Essential Buying Tips' before purchasing the whitewash tripp trapp.

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Frame Colour

Tripp Trapp ® Newborn £ 101.00

The Newborn ™ cradle with neutral beige textiles - Converts the Tripp Trapp into the perfect chair from birth!

The Newborn ™ has filled the gap from 0-6 months, and has extended the life span of the Tripp Trapp ® from 0-99 years. It will provide your baby a safe and comfortable place at the table, they'll join in with all family gatherings at the same height as the rest of the family, and it will stimulate social and emotional interaction right from start.
Extended gliders are included as standard.

Read more about the Tripp Trapp ® Newborn Set ™

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Tripp Trapp ® Baby Set RRP£47.00 £ 40.00

Converts the Tripp Trapp ® into a highchair
The Baby Set ™ consists of a high, easy clean backrest and front baby rail. In our opinion, this converts the Tripp Trapp ® into the best high chair in the world. It should be used for babies from 6 months up to about 14-18 months of age. It's available in all the same colours as the Tripp Trapp ®, so you can choose one to match or contrast with your chair.
If you are looking for a babyset to match the Whitewash Tripp Trapp ®, please select the White babyset.
Extended gliders are included as standard.

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Cushions for the Tripp Trapp ® RRP£33.00 £ 28.00

You can personalise your Tripp Trapp ® by adding cushions. The cushion will fit the chair with or without the high chair conversion. So you can use the cushions from 6 months up to say 7 yrs. The chair of course will go on fitting your child to adulthood; it's just the cushions that you'll stop using at about 7 yrs. Both Classic and Premium cushions are machine washable at 30°. In addition Premium cushions are water repellent and easily wiped clean.

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Fabric Colour

Tripp Trapp ® Newborn Textiles RRP£23.00 £ 20.00

Add a second textiles set for use while the other is being washed.

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Harness - Stokke ® Luxury Harness RRP£29.00 £ 28.00

Style is important but not as much as your child's safety you'll agree. Stokke ® have redefined the safety harness to be both safe AND stylish.
This harness is made especially for the Tripp Trapp ®, and includes D-ring harness attachments to fit the chair without damage. The harness prevents your child climbing from the chair while it is set up as a high chair and Stokke ® have built in several good features: The harness is clipped and unclipped from the front, making it easier to place a child in and out of the high chair and also means the child doesn't have to lean back against a bulky clip.

Top Tip: Extra safety: a young child covers everything around it in porridge etc. given half a chance ... So if you can afford it please get two harnesses so you can have one in the wash while your child is still safe.

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Stokke Table TopClick images for a larger view.

Stokke ® Table Top RRP£45.00 £ 42.50

Most other trays are mounted directly onto the highchair - not so with the unique Stokke ® Table Top. It attaches firmly onto the family dinner table so the child can sit, enjoy and connect with its parents and the rest of the family. Stokke ® Table Top is not only convenient when it comes to eating, it can also be used whilst playing, learning and sharing at the family table.

The most important feature of Stokke ® Table Top is the four different templates that can be inserted into the transparent tray. The themes ranging from animals to colours, shapes, sizes, numbers, the alphabet and more, will spark any childs and parents imagination.

The table top comes with 2 double-sided templates, so 4 themes in total.

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Stock Status: In Stock - over 50 in stock

Tripp Trapp ® Extended Glider Set - New Style RRP£9.60 £ 9.00

The Tripp Trapp extended gliders attach to the feet at the back of the Tripp Trapp to give added stability.
These are included with the Babyset and Newborn; but should you need them, we have spares.

NB: The extended gliders changed in 2013, which means the new style gliders will not fit Tripp Trapps purchased before the change.

To determine if you require the New Style or Original Style extended gliders; simply check the colour of the feet on the Tripp Trapp.

Black Feet = New Style gliders
Cream Feet = Original Style gliders

Contact us if you require the Original Style extended gliders.

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Tripp Trapp ® Harness D Ring RRP£8.00 £ 7.00

D-Rings are used to attach the harness securely to the Tripp Trapp ®. They come as standard with the Tripp Trapp ® Harness, but should you lose them we have spares.


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