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Find out why the Tripp Trapp ® is so popular.
Stokke Xplory Stokke ® Xplory ® Stokke Tripp Trapp is the chair that grows with the child. This product is for everybody - from 5 months of age to adulthood. Children love to be part of family life. The adjustable height Tripp Trapp chair allows your child to be included in activities and meals at the table, which is why the Tripp Trapp does not have a tray. The Tripp Trapp chair adapts to the size of your child - the seat and footplate are adjustable in height and depth. This ensures a perfect fit for children of all sizes allowing them to sit correctly at the right height at the table with their feet correctly supported. A firm foot support is essential for ease of movement. The Tripp Trapp footrest enables your child to use the table to best advantage. Children can start using the Trip Trapp chair, with the Baby Set, when they are able to sit up unaided - usually from the age of six to nine months. The Tripp Trapp enables children to move around naturally and safely, change positions and reach for items on the table. Good posture is important in order to develop good sitting habits. The seat plate of the Tripp Trapp chair is adjustable in depth, ensuring excellent back support. Using the original footrest as the seat, Tripp Trapp chairs are great for teenagers and adults - in fact, we use them! The Tripp Trap is made from cultivated beech and comes with a seven year guarantee on all wooden components. It is available in ten different finishes or untreated and, as one of our most popular products, we normally hold all of these in stock.


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