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Xplory: This pushchair is the ultimate system for parent and baby. The most refreshing aspect is its adjustability. Not just for the child but for the parent too:
Forward facing - so little eyes can see the wonders of the big wide world
Backward facing - great position for you to interact with your child
Up High - away from dirty ground and exhaust fumes and can act as an instant highchair. The diagonal frame makes it easy to bring the stroller close to the table so it is not obstructive.
Down low - adjust the height so they can join in the fun round a coffee table
Upright - When they are awake and alert
Lay Back - When it's nap time
Multi-adjustable handle - Comfortable for all parents, no matter what their height
Swing back wheels - will help you negotiate those stairs easily, and smoothly

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Solid Rubber Wheels: Never need to worry about getting a flat tire.

Babybag/Carrycot: Attach to the chassis to convert to a traditional style pram, with a very simple function to clip-on & clip-off. Balanced when removed for easy carrying.

Car Seat: Essential safety when travelling. Designed in partnership with Izi Sleep, to combine safety knowledge with Stokke's functionality. The car seat can be adjusted to lie flat or be more upright, and just like the babybag, is very easy to clip on and off the Xplory chassis.

Textiles: So many parents choose to have a second set of textiles, usually in a different colour. One for summer, one for winter, one for a boy, one for a girl, or to simply to freshen up the look with the latest fashions.

Parasol: As with all Xplory textiles, the parasol is UV protected - an absolute essential during the summer months. The bendy stem can adjust to block out the sun no matter where it is in the sky.

Summer Kit: Allows for added ventilation through the seat and gives extra protection from the sun.

Winter Kit: Warm and snug with real sheepskin trim and water resistant materials. The winter kit gives ultimate protection from even the most extreme winter conditions for the child, and with hand warmers that attatch to the handle your fingers can be as snug as your little ones.

Sheepskin: Add a bit of extra luxury, it's not a necessity ... but really adds to their comfort.

Rider: a little something for the older child, clip on the back of the stroller and away you go. And when you don't need it just fold it back up; it attaches magnetically and it's out of your way.

Pram Pack: We cannot recommend this enough if you intend on taking your Xplory or other stroller on an airplane. This travel bag has been designed in partnership with airline 'throwers' (a.k.a Baggage Handlers) to protect your Xplory. As a result the Pram Pack has been approved by airlines, so that in the unlikely event that your stroller gets damaged, you can instantly make a claim at the airport.

NEW Stokke ® Xplory ® v4 £ 829.00

NEW Xplory v4 with lockable front wheels, new cup holder attachment, new shopping bag attachment and easier folding mechanism.
Includes; Chassis, Seat, Textiles, Shopping Bag, Mosquito Net, Rain Cover, Hood and Cap.

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Xplory ® Carrycot (Babybag) with Style Kit £ 170.00

Upgrades the Xplory pushchair into a pram for newborns. It's important to know that the carrycot does not come with a hood, although there is a hood included as standard with the Xplory pushchair. It’s up to you if you want to switch the hood between seat and baby bag or buy a second hood for the carrycot. The Rain Cover is included.

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Extras and Accessories

Xplory ®/Crusi Seat with Style Kit £ 349.00

Includes seat textiles, hood, baby rail and footrest.

Fits both the Stokke Crusi and the Stokke Xplory.
NB: Shopping Bag sold seperately

Save money on our best-selling Crusi™ Packages.

Xplory ® Style Kit £ 169.00

Complete textiles for the seat unit, baby rail and hood.
Choose a second colour to keep your Xplory ® looking fresh, a colour for a boy and a colour for a girl, or 1 colour for winter and another for summer.

NB: Shopping Bag sold seperately


Xplory ® v4 Shopping Bag £ 35.00

Includes mosquito net and rain cover.
This is included as standard with the Xplory v4 Puschair. But no longer comes with the 'Xplory Style Kit' or the 'Xplory Seat with Style Kit'

NB: will not fit the Xplory v3 Chassis


Xplory ® v3 Shopping Bag £ 35.00

Includes mosquito net and rain cover.
This is included as standard with the Xplory Puhschair. But no longer comes with the 'Xplory Style Kit' or the 'Xplory Seat with Style Kit'


Stokke ® Changing Bag £ 99.00

Simple and effective. Just clips on to the chassis and you have everything you need.

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Xplory ® Footmuff £ 99.00

Perfect for keeping your little one warm.


Xplory ® Parasol £ 42.00

UV Protected. It has a bendy stem so that you can ensure your child is always protected.


Xplory ® Hood with Cap £ 53.00

The complete hood with cap (visor).


Xplory ® Summer Kit RRP £155.00 £ 115.00

Designed to create greater airflow around and through the seat to keep your child cool. Both the parasol and summer kit can be adjusted to protect from direct sunlight. 1 size fits both the Carrycot and the Seat Unit. UV protected.
Includes the Hood, SunSail, Parasol, Seat Cover and Rear Textiles Cover.


Xplory ® Sleeping Bag Fleece £ 85.00

Perfect all year round to keep away the cold.

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Xplory Winter KitClick images for a larger view.

Xplory ® Winter Kit £ 255.00

One of our favourite accessories. It looks great with the wool trim and practical to keep your baby warm in the most testing climates. The winter kit is waterproof and has additional protection to protect your child from winter chills. 1 size fits both the Carrycot and the Seat.
Includes the Hood, Hand-warmer, Storm Cover and Rear Textiles Cover.


NEW Xplory ® Sleeping Bag Down RRP £155.00 £ 115.00

Excellent addition to the Winter Kit.
Not only is it colour co-ordinated (we know that's important to you), it's warm, water-resistant and the perfect protection for your little one.


Stokke ® Sheepskin RRP £209.00 £ 179.00

A true luxury and worth every penny. Made from the best uncut wool, it adds extra warmth and comfort.

Stock Status: In Stock - over 2 in stock

Stokke ® Knitted Blanket £ 41.00

Also known as the celebrity blanket, it helps shield your child from the inevitable attention that you will get from strolling around with a Stokke pushchair.


Xplory ® Rider £ 87.00

The rider board hooks on to the chassis, stays folded up out of the way when not in use, then folds down whenever you need it

NB: The Stokke ® Xplory ® Rider will only fit models with a serial number starting AFTER 113464. See location of Serial Number

Stock Status: In Stock - over 10 in stock

Stokke ® Cup Holder £ 18.00

Clips to the handle, perfect for strolling.

Stock Status: In Stock - over 25 in stock

Xplory ® Mosquito Net £ 12.00

1 size fits both the Baby Bag and the Seat Unit.

Xplory ® Mosquito Net

Stock Status: In Stock - over 2 in stock

Xplory ® Rain Cover RRP £18.60 £ 18.00

Keeps the wind and rain out.

Xplory ® Rain Cover


Xplory ® Fitted Sheets for Carrycot RRP £37.00 £ 33.00

Washable fitted sheet. 2 sheets per pack.

Stock Status: In Stock - over 2 in stock

In the car

Stokke ® iZiGo by BeSafe RRP £185.00 £ 160.00

The iZiGo Car Seat by BeSafe fits perfectly on to the Stokke Scoot, Crusi and Xplory.

In the car, iZiGo can be safely secured with the car seat belt; for ultimate safety though, use in conjunction with the iZiGo ISOfix car seat base.


Stokke ® Car Seat - iZi Sleep £ 269.00

Stokke's ® iZi car seat that fits perfectly on the ISOfix base when in the car and slots straight onto the Stokke Xplory frame when you're out and about.
Group 0+, weight 0-13 kg (approx 0-12 months).

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Xplory ® ISOfix Base £ 155.00

ISOfix car seat base, safely secures the Xplory car seat within the car

Stock Status: In Stock - over 2 in stock

What is ISOFIX?
ISO 13216 is the standard for fitting child safety seats in vehicles. Known as ISOFIX (which stands for "International Standards Organisation FIX") in the UK and Europe, it has been in use since the early 2000's and was designed as a "Plug-in" system for fitting child safety seats in cars quickly and simply. (The same system is known as LATCH in the United States).

The idea is very simple. All new cars are manufactured with inconspicuous attachment points in standard locations, whilst ISOFIX compatible child seats have latches on the back to lock onto the mounting points in the car with a simple push and click system.

Why was it developed?
ISOFIX car seats have been an important development in safety as many people find it difficult to fit child seats correctly. Surveys have shown that a large proportion of child seats are not fitted securely enough.

As only a properly fitted child seat can provide a child with the correct protection, the ISOFIX system helps to eliminate the chance of misfitting the seat, and provides a quick and easy way to correctly install a compatible seat by attaching it directly to the vehicles ISOFIX connection points.

What are the benefits?
Most child seats on the market are currently designed to be fitted by using a car's adult lap and diagonal seat belt. However, car seat shapes, seat belt lengths and their anchorage points can vary dramatically between different models of cars. These factors make it almost impossible to make a child car seat that fits all cars, and can sometimes make it tricky to fit a child car seat correctly.

ISOFIX was designed to solve all these problems and to improve the performance of child seats by rigidly attaching them to the car's structure.The ultimate aim is that any ISOFIX child car seat you buy will fit your car simply by plugging it into the locating points.

However, there are several versions of the ISOFIX system, you must check which is suitable for your vehicle.

The best way to know if your vehicle will accept an ISOFIX seat is to check your handbook or ask your local dealer. If this is not possible, you can tell by inspecting the car itself. ISOFIX anchorage points (where fitted) should be clearly labeled. You can also check along the crack between the back seat cushion and the back rest, and also on the boot floor behind the back seat.

All new cars introduced since early 2006 have been required by law to be fitted with 'Universal' ISOFIX anchorages for a minimum of two seating positions, however, many cars built before 2006 were fitted with the two-point 'Semi-universal' ISOFIX system.

Will ISOFIX fit my car?

Stokke ® iZiGo ISOfix Car Seat Base by BeSafe RRP £155.00 £ 130.00

The Stokke iZiGo ISOfix Car Seat Base by BeSafe fits all modern cars and provides ultimate safety while your child is in transit.

Stock Status: In Stock - over 2 in stock

Xplory ® Car Seat Adaptor £ 42.00

This is an adaptor that joins your pre-existing car seat to the Xplory Chassis.


Xplory PramPackClick images for a larger view.

Stokke ® Pram Pack £ 135.00

Maximum protection whilst travelling, it fits the Xplory ® perfectly and most other strollers too. Easy to use, easy to store.
Once you arrive at your destination simply roll the Stokke ® PramPack ™ up for easy storage and throw it over your shoulder for convenient mobility.
This was designed with baggage handlers in mind. It has been Airline Approved, which means should you have any issues with damage during flight, you can make a claim from your airline before leaving the airport.

Click to view Product Specifications

Stock Status: In Stock - over 10 in stock


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