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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Patsy Bates

Equestrian Centre Propr

Address: The College Equestrian Centre, Church Road, Keysoe, Bedfordshire, MK44 2JP

Telephone: 01234 708 400

Email: patsy@thecollegeec.com

I invested in the Mobilser for personal use after years of back irritation caused by general yard duties and riding a variety of dressage horses with big movements. My mobility was reduced, my back wonky and I was suffering general discomfort on a daily basis. Regular physiotherapy treatments although beneficial were both cost and time prohibitive. I was introduced to the Mobilser and now use this as part of my daily routine; I am no longer experiencing daily back pain, I am far more supple and able to ride with greater balance and stability which greatly benefits our young dressage horses.

Having benefited from the Mobilser we now have a demo facility available and will share with people our experiences and improvements and enable other Equestrians and non equestrians with Back trouble to come and experience first hand the benefits of the system.