The Mobiliser

The Mobiliser

The Mobiliser

Your spine in motion

The Mobiliser SystemTM - developed to help people who feel stuck in everlasting back pain. Typically used when pain has lasted 6+ months and hasn't responded to rest, drugs or treatment.

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Completely changed my life. I had major back surgery 17 years ago (was bed bound for 2 years) and after trying the Mobiliser at Burghley 7 years ago I woke up straight for the first time in years. Couldn’t believe it. I now have used it regularly every day and would not be without it. It's due to the Mobiliser that I can continue riding! -

S Haywar

Mobilisation of the spinal joints is known to achieve the following:

  •     To safely tackle chronic joint pain
  •     To help with manipulative treatments
  •     To improve resilience in daily activities
  •     To reduce inflammation and increase circulation levels
  •     To create a positive circle of greater movement...greater fitness...greater movement

" Within two weeks the difference in my whole body was obvious and I began to lose some of my scepticism. I used it religiously twice a day and after a month the improvement was very great. The pain was less and my flexibility was better than it had been for years "
- Bernard Gallacher OBE - Pro Golfer

Mobiliser System - a Quick Summary...

We love helping people overcome back pain... on the telephone, in store, online, at your office and at home. The Mobiliser System was developed by us because people get stuck in everlasting back pain. It's most effective on pain that's lasted more than six months and hasn't responded to rest, drugs, treatment or gadgets. Unlike many forms of traditional treatment. The MobiliserSystem is a state of the art device we send to your home PLUS our advice and guidance.

Back In Action developed The Mobiliser, which was tested by NATO, MOD, RAF and is used in every UK military Rehab Base. Our expertise, when added to The Mobiliser has helped tens of thousands beat back pain.

  • Stage 1 - Read about the Mobiliser System, visit us for a test drive, or use one at a local practitioner. 
  • Stage 2 - Book a 1-month package. We deliver the Mobiliser (or you can collect) and set up our consultancy.
  • Stage 3 - You use the Mobiliser at home and we chat about your history and how you are progressing.
  • Stage 4 - After a few days most users feel more flexible and have less pain. We discuss increasing the intensity.
  • Stage 5 - After a few weeks most users are convinced they've found their answer.

Is there any risk?
A Nato / MOD trial found The Mobiliser safe and effective..and that's why they use them every day in every rehab unit to beat back pain.

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