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We stock over 100 different brands here at Back in Action; These are our most popular ranges, not only with our customers, but our staff too.

EXCITING FURNITURE - Back in Action has collected some of the world's most exciting furniture, all chosen to nourish your body as well as your eyes.

DESIGN-LED - We think healthy furniture should look stunning your home too!

Product Brands

Varier is the global leader in Human Design

Designing ground breaking furniture for decades, Varier are passionate about active sitting, and so are we.

Humans weren't designed to sit still for 8, 10, 12 hours a day and there is no one who designs furniture that allows us to move quite like this company.

How to choose?
Read on for our write up of each chair
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Varier Home & Office Chairs

The Full Stressless Range

Savvy Shoppers Buy from Back In Action, Stresslessly

Our Ekornes Stressless models are carefully selected by our experts to combine comfort and spinal health. 

Many styles are available in three sizes to fit you and your family, perfectly. 

Try each size in Our Stores, which are the best place to choose Stressless.

We can refund up to £25 travel costs against Stressless chair orders in store!

Stressless Sofas & Chairs

Stokke Seating Collection

STOKKE® - Best for the health of your child and stunning to look at... 

Wondering which chair is best for your child?

Pop into our Amersham, London or Bristol stores to try the Stokke Steps, the world famous Tripp Trapp chair

Stokke Children's Furniture

Ergonomic HAG Chairs

Our Favourite Office Chair Manufacturer:
We passionately believe HAG chairs are the most effective healthy-sitting chairs we have ever had the pleasure of sitting in.

Customer Favourites IN STOCK!

How to choose?
Read on for our guide to the best office chairs for back pain:

Or: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm call: 020 7935 9120

Free Next Working Day Delivery On Our Best Sellers

HAG Office Chairs

Back in Action's own product range

Back in Action was set up in 1988 to help people manage, prevent and treat the symptoms of back pain.

We have four lovely stores in London, Amersham, Bristol and Marlow

Our showrooms have an incredible range of stylish, therapeutic furniture that will compliment any home or office.

Back in Action

MBT Shoes - Get Fitter While You Walk

Love the way they make you feel.

Explore the latest range of MBTs online and find some 'last seasons' styles at excellent prices.

MBT shoes can change the way most of us use our muscles as well as reduce shock forces to the entire skeletal system. 

MBT Shoes - Online Purchase Only

Vluv Ergonomic Seating Balls and Cushions

Inflatable balls are a great way to keep you active, to get fit and to keep your spine and muscles strong.

Available in three sizes - 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm.

VLUV Seating Ball

HumanTool - Balanced Posture & Core Fitness

The Humantool is for those who want to beat back pain by getting fitter rather than by supporting their back. It's a modern ergonomic approach for reversing the damage that static ergonomic sitting is known to cause.

We find sitting on The Humantool (without touching the backrest) causes the spine to balance and micro-move, and hence to be exercised. Plus it works brilliantly for those for whom walking is relatively comfortable but sitting is not.

Human Tool Saddle Seat

Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Start your day right with healthy sitting by introducing Moll sit-stand desks to you home.

There’s an old adage: “Prevention is better than cure”. It's true for all of us and sit-stand working is one of the best ways we have found of keeping spies healthy

We love helping: Call for advice on 0207 935 9120

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Moll Ergonomic Home Office

Healthy Back Bags - Lightweight & Ergonomic

The teardrop shape distributes weight ergonomically throughout the length of the bag, rather than pulling from one point on the shoulder. The bag doesn't pull away from the body, it contours to your back, whether you wear it on one shoulder (either shoulder) or cross-body.

Healthy Back Bag

Swopper - Excellent for Active Sitting

You've probably never sat on anything quite like it - we think this might be up there with the most fun of all the chairs ever invented.

Worried about how little exercise you do in a day or how little movement you have in your life?
Enter the Aeris Swopper - it's hard to explain in writing just how much movement (and joy) this chair brings. It's not easy to start with as you have to allow your fitness to improve - but boy it is worth it.

The Swopper

RH Office Chairs - Exceptional Comfort and Support

The human body is an anatomical miracle. And the better care we take of it, the better we perform. That is as true when it comes to sporting activities as it is for when we are carrying out what we might assume are the most routine of tasks, such as sitting.

RH Office Chairs

HumbleWorks: Get Up! Stand Up!

Working and well being are not mutually exclusive.

This desktop device is:

  • Portable,
  • Ergonomic,
  • Can help to improve well-being at work
  • Lightweight
HumbleWorks Standing Mini Desk

Dorsoo - A Complete Sleep System

So why is it different?

In the Dorsoo sleep system the patented bed base adapts to every user... whatever their build and whatever position they sleep in.

Call for caring and informative advice on: 02079359120

Or visit one our stores in LondonBristol, or Amersham

Dorsoo Bed & Mattress

Skovby: Ingenious Expanding & Rising Tables

Our Favourite Dining Tables - ever.

Want to see how it works?
We love demonstrating them in any of our 4 stores.

When closed the Skovby Circular Table is a small intimate table for 4 to 6 people.

When expanded you can comfortably sit 9 people, (at Christmas we have squeezed 12 family members around).

Skovby Dining Tables

Ergonomic Children's Furniture

Start your children right with healthy sitting by introducing Moll sit-stand desks and Moll chairs.

There’s an old adage: “Prevention is better than cure”. It's true for all of us - and applies more the earlier you start. Children are blank canvases, and there is so much that parents can do to protect young spines.

We love helping: Call for advice on 0207 935 9120

Or get in touch via our contact form

Moll Ergonomic Children's Furniture

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Back in Action is dedicated to beating back pain by improving the furniture you use. We think healthy furniture must be stylish furniture if it is to be widely used, so for over 26 years Back in Action has collected some of the world's most exciting furniture, all chosen to nourish your body as well as your eyes.