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HumanTool Saddle Seat

HumanTool Saddle Seat

"Great Value...And Better Than A Saddle Chair!"

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Humantool Saddle Seat
RRP £129.95

Humans need Movement to stay healthy.  The HumanTool generates the best movement we’ve experienced. 

Activate your core while sitting ...look and feel poised.

The HumanTool is widely recommended by professionals working with poise and posture. (Physios, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Alexander teachers, Riding Instructors etc.).      

It is best used on a padded fabric chair. If the chair is soft or slippery the FREE seat firmer disc turns any surface into the perfect base for the Human Tool. 

Hand made in Finland the quality of finish is superb.  A padded mesh hammock seat made of breathable fabric is stretched over a plastic base.  Durability is fantastic.

The Manufacturer's name isn't best suited to sales in the UK :-)    But most find the Finish name amusing.  (They had nooo idea!)

Backinaction are the UK importers having discovered it at an exhibition in Scandinavia. We sell it direct to individuals and departments or companies.   We also supply lots of therapists.

User feedback is even better than we expected it to be.

(NB Companies and professionals wishing to use in bulk for offices or to provide to patients please contact us.)


  • For Adults and Teens
  • 14 Day Evaluation:- Less Pain, Fitter Spine, or a Refund!
  • Transforms any seat.  Includes FREE seat firmer for soft seats.
  • Portable:- Kitchen, Study, Office, Sofa and Floors.
  • Breathable, cleanable, padded covering in fab colours.
  • Ball construction also gives Swivel to fixed chairs.
  • Can be used all day after brief acclimatisation.
  • Start sitting healthily NOW
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Humantool Pilot Spot

The Pilot Spot back rest is suitable for people suffering discomfort in the lower spine, neck and shoulder areas.
Perfect for the car.

Comes with two straps to secure the Pilot Spot to the chair.

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Human Tool Mat
  • Decreases fatigue to the legs and feet through movement and improved blood circulation
  • Boosts energy consumption and fat burning through increased movement during your workday
  • Strengthens the small muscles and nerve pathways in your feet
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Humantool Base

Extra Base for the saddle

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