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Seat Wedges

Seat Wedges

Seat Wedges

Encourage Good Posture

A seat wedge is an economic way to make sitting more comfortable on a conventional chair.
A deceptively simple design that tilts your body forward and encourages good posture by distributing weight and strain evenly through the ankles, knees and hips.

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A Seat Wedge relieves the back in a natural way by pushing the pelvis forward and automatically causing your knees to be lower than your hips.  This position encourages your back to an upright posture and your spine to assume its natural shape. Ideal for everybody working in a sitting position, especially computer users. Seat Wedges can be used in poorly designed car seats because they angle the body into a more comfortable driving position.

Should I choose an 8 or 11 degree ?

For most applications we would recommend the 11 degree wedge, which promotes better posture. However for use in a car the 8 degree wedge could be a better option as the 11 degree wedge could be too high.

Coccyx Cut Out ?

For those with coccyx conditions we'd recommend choosing the wedge with the additional coccyx cut out as it relieves pressure in this area.

 If you are looking for something to aid you while sitting at work, we would also recommend the Sit Fit, or call us for free advice

Putnams Standard Seat Wedge In Stock
RRP £43

Putnams Standard Seat Wedge

Stock: In Stock - over 2 in stock
Total: £39 RRP £43
Putnams Coccyx Seat Wedge In Stock
RRP £43

Putnams Coccyx Seat Wedge

Stock: In Stock - over 2 in stock
Total: £39 RRP £43
Putnams Super Wedge - 15 Degree In Stock
Stock: In Stock - 2 in stock
Total: £60
Arkstore 7 Degree Wedge - Charcoal In Stock
Stock: In Stock - 1 in stock
Total: £33

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