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Seat Wedges

Seat Wedges

Seat Wedges

Encourages Good Posture

A seat wedge makes sitting more comfortable.
Its clever design supports your lower back.

from £32

Seat Wedge relieves the back in a natural way. The seat wedge pushes the pelvis forward, automatically bringing your back to an upright posture. Ideal for everybody working in a sitting position, especially PC users. Seat Wedges are also ideal for car seats because they angle the body into a comfortable driving position.

8 or 11 degree

We would in most scenarios recommend the 11 degree wedge, as the 11 degree wedge promotes better posture. However for use in a car the 8 degree wedge could be a better option as the 11 degree wedge could be too high.

Coccyx Cut Out

For those with coccyx conditions we'd recommend the coccyx cut out for use in a car or on a lounge chair. If you are looking something to aid you while sitting at work, we'd recommend a Sit Fit, or call us for free advice

Putnams Standard Seat Wedge In Stock
RRP £33

Putnams Standard Seat Wedge

Stock: In Stock
Total: £32 RRP £33
Putnams Coccyx Seat Wedge In Stock
RRP £33

Putnams Coccyx Seat Wedge

Total: £32 RRP £33
Putnams Super Wedge - 11 Degree In Stock
Stock: 3 left in stock. Order now!
Total: £55 with FREE delivery

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