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Lumbar Rolls

Putnams Lumbar Roll

Putnams Lumbar Roll

Portable Lumbar Support

A lumbar roll makes car journeys and sitting more comfortable.

from £23

The lumbar rolls are designed to give you support in the lumbar region to help improve and support your posture when sitting at home, the office or in the car.

The lumbar rolls should be placed just below the waist line across the top of the sacroiliac joints, sit well back in your seat and adjust for immediate lumbar support. Made from Super 50 grade foam, (30cm long) covered in hard wearing velour with adjustable fixing strap.

Putnams Lumbar D-Roll

30cm (12") long

Stock: More than 4 in stock
Total: £23
Putnams 5 Inch Lumbar Roll

30cm x 13cm (12" x 5")

Stock: More than 7 in stock
Total: £23
Putnams 4 Inch Lumbar Roll

30cm x 10cm (12" x 4")

Stock: More than 9 in stock
Total: £23

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