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Posture Kneeling Chair

Posture Chair

Posture Chair

Budget Kneeling Chair

Strongly made and good value for short term / occasional use, but doesn't have the variety we specify for long hours of sitting.    Tip:- Note that Castors are tough on domestic carpets and floors so, for several reasons, we suggest another choice for sitting above an hour especially home working

from £150

Like the Multi it is quickly folded to lay flat, making it a good choice if you want to use it for an hour say and then put it away. Or for transporting from place to place. 

N.B: In our experience most "budget" chairs place too much pressure on the knees. To sit for longer periods we suggest a higher quality chair. The Multi for example has a pivoting knee pad to decrease knee pressure. The Variable https://www.backinaction.co.uk/variable-kneeling-chair and Thatsit are our prime choice for long term sitting.

Unfortunately this product is out of stock, but we have some great products which are very similar to this one. Why not have a look at some of our other kneeling chairs.

Posture Kneeling Chair

Won 'best on test'.
Excellent when sitting for short periods of time, and easily transportable.

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