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Variable Distance Blocks


Variable Distance Blocks

The Distance Blocks are installed between the knee cushion and the frame to make it suitable for children and adults under 5'2'

Variable Distance Blocks

Choose your Wood:


Warranty: 7 years on wood - 2 years on fabrics (when registered with Varier)

Boxes Per Item: 1

Variable is made from top quality beech ply wood from European forests. The ply wood is treated through an iterative molding process where several veneer layers are combined and glued. Through the application of combined heat and pressure, the layers are given their characteristic shape, making our Variable stand out from the crowd. All wooden parts are flexible and strong, ensuring a sitting experience that is never static. For a beautiful finish, our ply wood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers.

Assembly Required: Item is shipped boxed, for self-assembly
For our adult products we can arrange for a fully assembled delivery at additional charge. Please specify this in the 'comments' section during checkout and we will contact you to finalise costs and delivery timescales.


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Distance Blocks

Varier Variable Balans Distance Blocks

The Distance Blocks are the best accessory for adding an extra bit of height to the shin pads.

Varier Variable Balans Distance Blocks

Looking for benefits of kneeling?

Head over to check out the Variable Plus, explore the ultimate kneeling chair: the Thatsit, or take a look at our all time favourite chair, the Actulum.

Best-Selling Kneeling Chair

This offers almost perfect design and function. The Variable's outstanding qualities are only exceeded by those of the Actulum or Thatsit, but the Variable wins on price so it's our best-selling kneeling chair. It fits anyone from 7 years upwards. All chairs come with a 7-year warranty.

We have thousands of clients who use it for all day office work. Worried about sitting all day without a backrest? Simply add one above or take a look at our all time favourite chair, the Actulum. The runners allow the body's movements to totally control the chair. It can be used just about anywhere, as it's small, strong and very easy to handle.

Parent Tip: it's a great homework chair ... keeps energy levels high.

Have used one of these for 27 years and it is the very best piece of furniture for the office environment I have ever used. Particularly if you have any back issues. Was recommended initially by my physiotherapists after a spinal disk issue. Thoroughly recommend to anyone. This was a second chair after donating mine to my friend who is also now a fan. 

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can talk you through all the options and help customise the chair to fit you and your needs.

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Discover a new dimension of comfort and well-being with Varier Furniture from BackInAction. Varier are pioneers in ergonomic design, redefining the way you sit and experience furniture.

Varier is committed to innovative, active sitting solutions that prioritise your health and vitality. Their iconic Variable Balans kneeling chair, born from the genius of designer Peter Opsvik 30 years ago exemplifies Varier's dedication to healthy sitting.

From ergonomic office chairs to versatile stools, Varier offers a diverse range of furniture designed to seamlessly integrate comfort, style, and movement into your daily life.

Welcome to a world where sitting becomes an art, and well-being is the masterpiece. Welcome to Varier Furniture from Back In Action. Best experienced 

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