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Varier Thatsit Kneeling Chair

Kneeling Chair with Backrest

We believe that Thatsit is the ultimate kneeling chair. It allows the most movement and offers the greatest support. The chair has adjustable leg supports and can be adapted perfectly to the user, regardless of height.

It has an optional back support for those using a chair for long periods of time. Thatsit is ideal for people who have to sit for long periods of time either at home or work. Perfect for all kinds of work at a table. One of our staff has used this chair for over ten years and wouldn't give it up!

Thatsit with Backrest - STOCK
RRP £1,149

IN STOCK - Varier Thatsit balans® - Fast delivery on our most popular wood and fabric combinations.

  1. FA0999
  2. DIN059
  3. DIN059
Stock: No Stock - stock due soon
Total: £1,091.55 RRP £1,149
Thatsit with Backrest - MADE TO ORDER
RRP £899

MADE TO ORDER - Varier Thatsit balans® is the ideal chair for your daily deskwork. You can sit and work on this chair for 8 hours a day, stimulating movement and strengthening core muscles.

The amazing backrest makes this the ultimate kneeling chair.

Varier Thatsit Seat
  1. Revive (standard)
  2. Fame (Standard)
  3. Dinamica
  4. Leather
Varier Thasit Frame and Backrest
  1. Natural Ash
  2. Black Ash
Total: £854.05 RRP £899
Thatsit without Backrest - STOCK
RRP £742

IN STOCK - For fast delivery we have stock of the Varier Thatsit without backrest. On a combination of different woods - Ash, Beech and Black Beech and popular fabric choices, including our exclusive Paul Smith fabric.

  1. Dinamica Black - Natural Ash
  2. Paul Smith - Beech
  3. Paul Smith - Black Beech
Stock: More than 2 in stock
Total: £704.90 RRP £742
Varier Soft Tape Floor Protection Strips
RRP £20

These Soft tape strips are velcro like and protect your hardwood floor and chair from scratches. Suitable for Actulum, Pendulum, Thatsit, TenTwo, and Variable Kneeling Chair.

If you need Soft Tape for your Varier Gravity, please visit our Gravity page and add the Soft Tape Large to your basket.

Stock: More than 18 in stock
Total: £19 RRP £20

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