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We are the Official UK Home of Varier Furniture & we are as passionate about active sitting as they are.

Humans weren't designed to sit still for 8, 10, 12 hours a day and there is no one who designs furniture that allows us to move quite like this company.

How to choose?
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Varier Home & Office Chairs

The Balans Concept:

At the very beginning of 1976 Hans Christian Mengshoel (1946) initiated a study that set out to answer how we could sit in more balanced and ergonomic ways. Through observation and research, Mengshoel found that a seat which was tilted slightly forward, encouraged a natural posture which provided greater mobility and relieved unwanted pressure while seated.

The idea of shin support was introduced to keep the user from sliding off the seat while simultaneously maintaining an open hip angle. With this, Mengshoel initiated the concept of the kneeling posture in Norway and set the mark for a truly experimental time in Norwegian design history.

Shortly after Peter Opsvik designed and devloped what was to become the first widely used and sold kneeling chair, the Varier Variable. This was the start of the Varier design journey and they now have one of the most incredible product collections in the world...

Excellent if chosen wisely

We have supplied thousands of ergonomic kneeling chairs since 1987. The best are fantastic BUT it's important to choose carefully, find one that matches the length of time you sit for and your desired activity level.

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Kneeling Chairs work immediately to improve posture, stimulate movement, & keep joints & muscles active while sitting. There are dozens of different makes and models of kneeling chair... so which one is right for you?

Kneeling Chairs

Ergonomic Home Office Chair

This is the best chair we've ever sat in, and the one many Backinaction staff use around our tables and in front of our computers.

Varier Actulum

Varier Move - Best-Selling Stool

It's an incredible, ergonomic, compact, multi purpose stool that lets the body move freely. The perfect chair for home working, ironing, cooking, helping with homework, painting and any activity where movement is important.

Designed as a sit-stand stool for an active environment the Varier Move stool pairs perfectly with height adjustable desks. The softly edged seat and rubberised round base comes in two sizes.

Varier Move

Zero-Gravity Sitting, in Style

This is the ultimate ergonomic chair for relaxation. It is extremely comfortable and gives the best possible support when reclining. The Gravity recliner meets almost every seating requirement for exceptional ergonomics without strain.

Leaning forward, the Gravity Balans chair can be used as a kneeling chair. Shift your weight slightly backwards for an upright position, placing your feet on either the floor or shin cushions for variation. To assume a reclined position, gently push away from the ground.

Varier Gravity

Will you Tilt or Turn?

Varier have hit a home run with the Social chair, creating a dining chair using yesterdays waste. Keeping the principals of movement (That we of course love, here's why), and being eco friendly by reusing old household plastic.

Varier Social