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Variér® is the global leader in Human Design – the fusion of aesthetically pleasing design and knowledge of what is good for the human body (ergonomics).

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Tell me about kneeling chairs.

Covid / Cornavirus Update.

We are receiving a sudden surge in orders for our high quality kneeling chairs because people are in pain from home working.

We have supplied thousands of kneeling chairs since 1987. The best are fantastic BUT its important to choose one that matches the length of time you will be using it per day.

Our store staff are now re-allocated to offer great advice on-line, by telephone and by message.

Read on for our handy guide:

Kneeling Chairs

Zero Gravity

This is the ultimate relaxation chair. It is extremely comfortable and gives the best possible support when reclining. The Gravity recliner meets almost every seating requirement without strain.

Varier Gravity

One of Our All Time Favourites : Extraordinary Comfort and Style

This is the best chair we've ever sat in, and the one many BIA staff use around our tables and in front of our computers. 

  • The Actulum is an elegant Home Office or Dining Table Chair that can reduce sitting fatigue, improve posture, increase activity levels and reduce neck and back pain.
  • It is also well suited to study and hobbies, including foot operated pursuits. The rocking movement is exceptional at maintaining alertness and develops core muscles while you sit.
Varier Actulum

Varier Move - Best-Selling Stool

A multi purpose stool that lets the body move fully through 360 degrees. Perfect as a standing support. Easy to use and light enough to move around with you.The disc base is graded, giving Move a tilting angle to follow your body's differing positions.

Varier Move

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