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Varier Move Friction Mat

Varier Move Friction Mat

Friction Mat for Move and Move Small.

This Move Friction Mat is only suitable for Move Stools Made Pre 2021.

Varier Move Friction Mat

RRP £45


Warranty: 2 years

Size Assembled: Diameter: 40cm
Boxes Per Item: 1


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Varier Movemat

Varier Movemat - In Stock

It's an incredible, ergonomic, compact, multi purpose stool that lets the body move freely. The perfect chair for home working, ironing, cooking, helping with homework, painting and any activity where movement is important.

Designed as a sit-stand stool for an active environment the Varier Move stool pairs perfectly with height adjustable desks. The softly edged seat and rubberised round base comes in two sizes.

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Discover a new dimension of comfort and well-being with Varier Furniture from BackInAction. Varier are pioneers in ergonomic design, redefining the way you sit and experience furniture.

Varier is committed to innovative, active sitting solutions that prioritise your health and vitality. Their iconic Variable Balans kneeling chair, born from the genius of designer Peter Opsvik 30 years ago exemplifies Varier's dedication to healthy sitting.

From ergonomic office chairs to versatile stools, Varier offers a diverse range of furniture designed to seamlessly integrate comfort, style, and movement into your daily life.

Welcome to a world where sitting becomes an art, and well-being is the masterpiece. Welcome to Varier Furniture from Back In Action. Best experienced 

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