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Varier Variable Kneeling Chair - Children

Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs are suitable for children, teenagers and adults, whether at home, university or in the office. The chairs shown here are outstanding for children from 7 years, especially those who study in the evening. Imagine homework being easier and more fun ...

Kneeling Chair

It's possible if you choose a good kneeling chair. Why do kneeling chairs help? Because they keep your back in action and help you to maintain a balanced healthy sitting position: not just one position, but with constant gentle movement that keeps the sitter feeling energised and alert.

Kneeling chairs with curved wooden runners trigger your balance reflex. This automatically straightens up and balances the spine over the pelvis. Even neck carriage improves. The level of pulse and breathing is raised, driving greater circulation and extra oxygenation. As the user gets more skilled (about a week or so) the body weight will regulate the position of the chair to exactly match the task ... writing reading thinking ... while the knee pads will prevent the body from sliding forwards.

The Varier Variable is our best selling kneeling chair. It's a beautiful chair and a good investment for a life of healthy sitting ... if purchased for a child it will last them to adulthood.

It's fun to learn to control the chair and the younger the sitter the quicker the skill builds up. Greater fitness follows. It can be used from kitchen table to bedroom, it's light and strong and has a seven year kid proof guarantee. If you're worried that the chair is too big for your child, choose our conversion kit. This brings the kneepads closer to the seat – recommended for children teens or adults below about 5' 2".

Variable Kneeling Chair - Natural Ash - IN STOCK
RRP £289

Our best selling kneeling chair in the most popular colour and fabric combinations. Usual delivery within 1-2 working days. Our stock Variables come in Natural Ash or Beech wood and have the option to add a matching back rest.
If you want to custom build your Variable with alternative wood, fabric or colour options - you can build your chair below.

Standard Lead Time: 1-2 days (when shown as in stock)

Warranty: 7 years on wood - 2 years on fabrics (when registered with Varier)

Size Boxed: 9.5 x 72 x 52cm
Size Assembled: h:51 w:52 d:72cm (seat h:50cm)
Weight Boxed: 6.3kg
Boxes Per Item: 1
Volume: 0.036m

Variable is made from top quality beech ply wood from European forests. The ply wood is treated through an iterative molding process where several veneer layers are combined and glued. Through the application of combined heat and pressure, the layers are given their characteristic shape, making our Variable stand out from the crowd. All wooden parts are flexible and strong, ensuring a sitting experience that is never static. For a beautiful finish, our ply wood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers.

Assembly Required: Item is shipped boxed, for self-assembly
For our adult products we can arrange for a fully assembled delivery at additional charge. Please specify this in the 'comments' section during checkout and we will contact you to finalise costs and delivery timescales.

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Total: £265 with FREE delivery RRP £289
Variable Distance Blocks
RRP £53

The Distance Blocks are installed between the knee cushion and the frame to make it suitable for children and adults under 5'2'

Warranty: 7 years on wood - 2 years on fabrics (when registered with Varier)

  1. Natural Ash
  2. Black Ash
Stock: More than 5 in stock
Total: £50 with FREE delivery RRP £53