HAG Office Chairs

HAG Office Chairs

HAG chairs are the most effective healthy-sitting chairs we have ever had the pleasure of sitting in.
The chosen chairs of 80% of our team

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HAG Office Chairs

HAG furniture is a big part of what we display in our stores because although not cheap, it's the best office furniture we have ever had the pleasure of using (and we have thousands).

It has been shown active sitting improves well-being, improves energy levels, and improves productivity - all HAG furniture is designed to naturally support more movement while sitting.

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A hybrid of two incredible chairs

There is nothing else quite like it... The HAG Creed is based on two of our most loved originals: the H04 and H05.

These two office chairs were both so wonderful we could never really choose which we liked best. Now we don't have to:
The HAG Creed is a beautiful hybrid of the two.

HAG Creed

Movement & Ergonomics

The Sofi Mesh, ergonomic office chair is so good for creating forwards tilt - If you aren't familiar with the huge benefits of forwards tilt and what it can do for your activity levels / spinal health, give us a call to chat or head over to our blog.

HAG SoFi Mesh

A Team Favourite

One of the most unusual ergonomic office chairs out there, the Hag Capisco by legendary ergonomic designer Peter Opsvik - this is an all time favourite. In our own offices and showrooms this is the most commonly chosen chair.

HAG Capisco 8106 & 8107

The Exectutive Ergonomic Office Chair

This is one for the executives, or for those that like the very best in luxury. The HAG Tribute is a high end ergonomic office chair, that excels in comfort and style, without compromising on the functionality or freedom of movement.

HAG Tribute