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Creed - Headrest : Headrest


Creed - Headrest : Headrest

Unique flowing tilt function with it`s HAG Balance technology. This chair has 4 multi functions in 1 wheel, allowing you to adjust your chair to how you want it. Seat depth, seat height, back height, forward and backward tilt resistance all this can be done simultaneously. 


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RRP £285


Cura: This fabric is a smart and colourful multi-purpose entry level fabric. A weave of darker and lighter shades gives a textured look and a soft feel. Made of 98% post-consumer recycled polyester. 

Xtreme: The standard Xtreme fabric range. The high durability and non-pilling properties make this a basic fabric range suitable for most HAG chairs. Made from 100% recycled polyester (Commercial office use only).

Select: A classic 85% New Zealand Wool upholstery fabric distinguished by its underplayed, unicoloured elegance and its basic, authentic look that exudes sublime craftsmanship and first class quality. 

Patina: Heavy duty but nice to touch with white flecks of flax in the weave, enhancing the appearance. This 69% Wool fabric is perfect for sitting for long hours.

Capture: Capture exudes luxury and sophistication. It offers the soft, handcrafted charm of tweed and wool in an up-to-date look and in modern colours. It is heritage - with a unique and contemporary twist. 85% New Zealand wool.

Nexus: A sleek and stylish technical knit, offering two dimensional stretch and comfort cushioning, in a pin prick dot matrix design effect. 100% Polyester (Commercial office use only).

Steelcut Trio: The three-dimensional surface of Steelcut Trio resembles small pyramids or steel points. This fabric has a beautiful texture and a range of colour choices. A hardwearing 90% Wool upholstery textile.

Comfort+: (Commercial office use only) Beautiful suede effect, extremely soft to touch, with high durability and a huge colour range! Our most popular fabric option for office chairs. Made of 37% recycled plastic, this is a vegan Poly-Blend.

Paloma Standard: A beautiful, smooth, soft & easy clean leather with a standard colour choice. 

Paloma Non Standard: The perfect choice for you if you love beautiful, smooth, soft, warm & easy clean leather with an extended selction of colours.

Elmosoft: is a soft and pliable Semi-Aniline leather. Outstanding comfort combined with excellent durability, always popular with our customers. Visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds add to the elegant quality of the leather.

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Invest in a chair that's built to become your long-term ergonomic partner!

HÅG chairs aren't just designed for comfort and movement, they're built to last for years with regular use, keeping your body happy and productive.  HÅG believes in chairs that are built to be repairable, not disposable.  
They use high-quality materials and construction methods, but if something unexpected does occur, their 10-year warranty covers defects and provides easy access to replacement parts. There are even handy online repair guides to empower you to tackle minor fixes yourself. It's a commitment to quality and repairability that gives you peace of mind – you're getting a chair built to last, and with the resources to keep it running smoothly for years to come.


At Back in Action we want to ensure you get superb value and service every time.

We regularly monitor and update our pricing to ensure that you get great products and great service, all at a great price.

If you do find a cheaper like-for-like price, then all Back in Action staff have management approval to match a competitor's price.

HAG Creed - Made to Order

HAG Creed - Made to Order

There is nothing else quite like it... The HAG Creed is based on two of our most loved originals: the H04 and H05.

These two office chairs were both so wonderful we could never really choose which we liked best. Now we don't have to:
The HAG Creed is a beautiful hybrid of the two.

HAG Creed  Made to Order

Centre Pivot and Free Movement

Allows you to control the chairs forward and backward tilt by the movement of your upper body. Controlling this ergonomic office chair is intuitive and fluid. The chair has a "Mercedes" like feel and a very long warranty... Superb in our view!

Designed by legendary ergonomic designer Peter Opsvik it is the ONLY chair we know of that doesn't just offer all the ergonomics you would expect - but also allows left to right rotation of the shoulders. This is something we haven't found in any other office chair (only a feature on model HAG Creed 6005 - High back partially upholstered).

All the chairs in this range are very similar, the only differences are in size, upholstery and armrest options. We would be delighted to supply any further information or answer any questions so call us to discuss or pop into one of our stores for a full seating assessment. If you are looking to update your company's office area, visit our workplace assessment page, and we can arrange for Back in Action to come to you!!

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A Brilliant Office Chair Manufacturer:

HAG Brand Profile

Made in a factory nestled in the Norwegian hillsides about half way up the west coast, HAG is a special company.

We passionately believe HAG's chairs are among the most effective healthy-sitting chairs - especially when combined with our coaching and expertise.

We can show you how to get the absolute best out of any HAG chair with our years of understanding. We know them better than the manufacturers themselves. 

HAG  A Brilliant Office Chair Manufacturer