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Seating Assessments

Seating Assessments

An excellent chair can make a huge differnce to you or your team's wellbeing. We help people:

  • Learn to sit and use the body better
  • Set up a balanced workstation
  • Find the best chair for each persons individual needs
  • Enjoy inproving core fitness through seating

Helping people sit freely and comfortably is one of the most exciting things we do.

Seating Assessments

Would you like to be guided by an expert?

Working from home? Managing HR? Running a business? Trying to get the best out of your workspace? Or is technology having a dramatic effect on your lifestyle? We can help with expert advise we provide tailor made solutions to enhance your overall wellbeing and add a sparkle to your home.

We suggest an appointment so that a postural expert can provide you all the time need to choose the best chair for you.  Including as needed....

  • Analyse your posture and movement
  • Enhance your working environment to suit you
  • Help to resolve musculoskeletal disorders like RSI
  • Teach you how to adjust and use the chair
  • Help select colours (ok, it's not the most skilled part, but it's often the really exciting bit)
  • We love helping in other areas too - we are full of knowledge about how to create positive change in all areas of your life.

And we include an effectiveness guarantee!

When you choose an in-store assessment we will also underwrite the product selection. That means that if it does not satisfactorily reduce your symptoms within two weeks you may return the product and choose another.  If the other product is less we will povide a credit note to use with us over the next year.

FREE In-Store, Telephone or Video Seating Assessment

£15 appointment deposit refunded against any purchase made in-store or by phone.

Video Link now available for individual seating assessments. 

By accepting a free assessment, you agree that, should you wish to purchase anything that we recommend, that you will buy such items from us (us providing we are the same price or less - see our price promise).

  1. Phone
  2. Phone
  3. Store
  4. Store
  5. Store
  6. Store
Total: £15
On Site Seating Assessment

This posture assessment incorporates and identifies the following areas in detai:
Workstation assessment:

  • Display Screen Equipment: seating, desk, work space, telephone, document use, storage and working height.
  • Working Environment: including temperature, lighting and noise.
  • Other Factors: including software use, work practice, pace of work, lifting, pulling/pushing or over reach risks and other work tasks as required.
  • Anthropometric Data: specific measuremen ts may be taken as part of the above assessment to ensure correct client to chair fit.

Back in Action take pride in offering a world class service to all our clients, providing advice and guidance at every stage of the way. What's more its completely free, impartial, open and honest.

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