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Hire Mobiliser

Hire The Mobiliser
Hire The Mobiliser

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Home Use of The Mobiliser™

"For anybody who needs encouragement to try the Mobiliser system all I can say is I please please PLEASE do yourself a favour.  I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is nothing short of miraculous." - Sandra Craig

One month home use of backinaction Mobiliser System™ allows every family member up to 60 sessions.  We can deliver quickly to your home.

Regain Movement in your Spine

Delivered to your Door

If you are close to us, grab a taster session, and hopefully feel the benefits straight away.   

  • If you like the effect you can take a hire unit away. Or order on-line.

  • Either way we will give you full instructions and we always include as much advice and guidance as you need during the month,

Chances are your back will improve after a week or two and you'll feel much better after just a month.  Monthly hire is very good value compared to private treatment, less than £1 a session for most families.
Some users get so excited they go into a second month to make the effects deeper and longer lasting.   

The Mobiliser is usually used for very long standing injuries, such as disc decay and sciatica:  

  • Usually show good early benefits, especially greater mobility.
  • Pain relief typically takes a little longer, and of course those that have had pain for a long time need to allow time for their back muscles to recover and develop. 
  • Hence for some a second or third month hire might be chosen (especially after the first month's affects are seen)
  • We offer a four month package at a reduction, and a purchase scheme with monthly payments. 
  • Mobilisers have a very long life and ownership is undoubtedly the lowest cost option for some needs, although most hire first. 
  • Call us or ask questions via our enquiry page.  We have had thousands of such discussions and will be pleased to advise on the best package for you.

If you hire a backinaction Mobiliser we take a deposit until the unit is returned. We include in the hire a number of extra services which will greatly enhance your experience. These are detailed below.

Backinaction Mobiliser Hire (Deposit for home use)
RRP £1,558.80
Hire Back in Action Mobiliser™ System
Collection / Delivery
  1. Store
  2. Delivery Blank
Deposit - £1000
  1. Phone
  2. Store
Mobiliser™ Weight
Total: £1,000 RRP £1,558.80
Backinaction Mobiliser Hire (Deposit for home use)

Hire the Backinaction Mobiliser™ System, from 1 month to long term hiring.
Deposits are refunded at the end of any hire period, less any relevant hire or delivery charges. 

NB - charges vary if you are using for reasons other that health benefits. ~Call to chat or message for info.

Hire: What's included when you hire The Mobiliser System (Mobiliser and BIA Consultancy):

  1. Initial discussion
    By telephone or email about suitability for your needs. (click here to start dialogue, click here for telephone numbers and stores; click here for online information about conditions it has helped.)
  2. The Mobiliser
    Supplied from our "hire fleet" of over 150 units to use in your home. Including valuable extra services as below. Your unit will be cleaned and supplied in excellent working order.
    (If you will be using a hire unit in your practice or company, contact us.)
  3. Detailed Instruction Book
    With contributions from Dr Lady Ann Redgrave, Doctor to the Olympic Rowing team for ten years. (The UK rowing squad use Mobilisers)
  4. Ongoing Consultancy
    Superb interactive consultancy system which enables users to discuss their experience, and request expertise. Questions are answered by skilled staff and medics. Contact with other Mobiliser users optional. Please click here to see Mobiliser diaries. (diaries only published with permission of course)
  5. Extra help for localised issues.
    Via our consultancy system we have been able to observe the progress of thousands of Mobiliser System users. Most seem to get what they want with our help... which is great, but for some users the improvements in their bodies movement and co-ordination reveal a localised issue that was previously difficult to see. So we even have a system to help there... if you decide that private treatment or independent fitness consultancy would speed up your progress we will rebate your monthly fee by the cost of one session a month (max £50 per hire month... just provide details at final invoice time). Normally this wouldn't be surprise to us as we'd have discussed it on the consultancy system!!!.
  6. Travel Protection
    Hired Mobilisers are supplied in two strong protective carry bags:- A large travel bag for the main unit and a smaller rucksack for the pressure enhancing. All necessary accessories are included.
  7. Training at our centres
    Call in by appointment and we'll train you in basic and advanced techniques.
  8. All maintenance is free
    In the (almost unheard of) event of a breakdown we will provide a replacement and ship / collect at our cost in mainland UK
  9. Regular newsletter
    Which looks at improvements in back care and fitness. (optional)

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