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Buy Mobiliser

The Mobiliser™ System - Restore and Maintain Movement for Life

The results from its use are life changing, now pain free...  my joints are no longer seized ...  a fitness level better than even my teenage years - I am sixty next month.
- Richard Gilbank

  • Many Mobiliser purchasers approach us because they know someone, typically like Richard, who sings the praises of their Mobiliser and how it has changed their life. Other purchasers know they need one after just one free taster session.  
  • We know why... it's because such customers have had years of pain. It's stopping them doing stuff they loved. The pain is getting them down. 
  • Mobiliser purchasers feel the cost of a Mobiliser, whether paid outright or monthly, is a small price to pay for their quality of life.   

Ownership is usually the best option if you are a long term back pain sufferer. 

  • This is especially true if a serious condition is permanently affecting the way your body can move, because long-term conditions create a vicious circle of decreased movement which in turn causes increased stiffness due to poor movement.
  • Key examples: persistent back injuries, single or multiple damaged discs, arthritis or other long term chronic conditions.
  • Medics know that improved movement, within safe limits, can lead to less pain and a greater quality of life.  In our experience the changes created by regular Mobilisation of the spinal joints can be huge. 
  • A free Taster Session in or our centres is a wonderful way to start.
  • We will be glad to discuss monthly hire before purchase so you can see the benefits before buying. 
  • The acid test is "are you happy with things now"? How would it feel to turn back the clock?  We'd love to help.
Backinaction Mobiliser™ System v4
RRP £4,438.80
Total: £3,699 with FREE delivery RRP £4,438.80

Are you using this product for a health condition? If so, you probably don't need to pay VAT. Read the details below or contact us for details.

Backinaction Mobiliser™ System v4

Backinaction Mobiliser­™ System v4. Includes 1 softening pad, 1 headrest, 3 headrest raisers and 1 complete zip up dust cover.

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Free 5yr warranty (for home use)
  • Zero rated VAT for qualifying health conditions
  • Payment options available (charges apply)

If you are currently hiring and you would like to convert to buying a backinaction Mobiliser v4 we will discount your net hire charges by 25% against purchase of a new Mobiliser.

Standard Lead Time: 1-2 day
Free Mainland GB

Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

Domestic use; Mobiliser has a 5 year warranty from Backinaction for free repair of manufacturing fault. During year 1 we also offer a free replacement and pay transport within UK mainland.

Size Boxed: 118 x 71 x 22cm
Size Assembled: 210 x 60 x 20cm
Weight Boxed: 18kg
Boxes Per Item: 1
Volume: 0.184m²

Ex-hire Backinaction Mobiliser™ System
RRP £3,238.80
Total: £2,699 with FREE delivery RRP £3,238.80

Are you using this product for a health condition? If so, you probably don't need to pay VAT. Read the details below or contact us for details.

Ex-Hire Backinaction Mobiliser­™ System v3. Includes 1 softening pad, 1 headrest, 3 headrest adjusters and 1 dust cover.

  • Fully cleaned and tested
  • Free 1yr warranty
  • Zero rated VAT for qualifying health conditions

Standard Lead Time: 2-6 week waiting list for ex-hire stock.

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Size Boxed: 118 x 71 x 22cm
Size Assembled: 210 x 60 x 20cm
Weight Boxed: 18kg
Boxes Per Item: 1
Volume: 0.184m2

Mobilisers have a very long life and we don’t even think about retiring for sale until they have completed 104 weeks hire. Ex-hire units are not always immediately available but a £100 deposit places you on the waiting list. (NB For those planning intensive Mobiliser usage we’d suggest you opt for a new Mobiliser with 5 years warranty, available with payment options to spread the cost)

1 In Store Session & Consultation
Total: £15

In-store Assessment on the Mobiliser - with expert advice and guidance (if you are first time user, we will refund you when you visit).

Extras & Accessories

Looking to travel the world with your Mobiliser or want to increase the intensity with added leg weights?

Mobiliser™ Weight In Stock
Total: £60
Mobiliser™ Weight

Add-on leg weight for the Mobiliser™ System.

Weight Boxed: 2.5kg

Mobiliser Table
Stock: In Stock - over 2 in stock
Total: £99
Mobiliser Table
Mobiliser™ Travel Bag
Stock: In Stock - over 100 in stock
Total: £99

Standard Lead Time: 24hr Delivery

Warranty: 1 year

Size Boxed: 5cm x 50cm x 10cm
Boxes Per Item: 1

Life Time Consultancy
Total: £750 with FREE delivery

Included FREE with every Mobiliser purchase.
For people that have bought second hand this is for you.

What's included when you buy a Mobiliser:

  1. Initial discussion
    By telephone or email about suitability for your needs. (click here to start dialogue, click here for telephone numbers and stores; click here for online information about conditions it has helped.)
  2. New Mobiliser System
    Including valuable extra services as below.
  3. Detailed Instruction Book
    With contributions from Dr Lady Ann Redgrave, Doctor to the Olympic Rowing team for ten years.
  4. Ongoing Consultancy
    Superb online, interactive consultancy system which enables users to discuss their experience, and request expertise. Questions are answered by skilled staff and medics. Contact with other Mobiliser users optional. Please click here to see Mobiliser diaries.
  5. Extra help for localised issues.
    Via our consultancy system we are able to observe the progress of thousands of Mobiliser System users.  Most seem to get what they want with our help ... which is great, but for some users the improvements in their bodies movement and co-ordination reveal a localised issue that was previously difficult to see.  So we even have a system to help there ... if you decide that private treatment or independent fitness consultancy would speed up your progress we will rebate your purchase by the cost of one session a month (max £50 per month)  for up six months in the first year (just provide details by email post or fax ... Normally this wouldn’t be surprise to us as we’d have discussed it on the consultancy system!!
  6. Dust cover
    Purchased Mobilisers are supplied in a strong box and with a dust cover for storage. All necessary accessories are included. A pair of travel bags (as used on hire units see left) can be purchased separately.
  7. Lifelong Training at our centres
    Call in by appointment and we'll train you in basic and advanced techniques whenever you feel it needed. If your family start to use it (how can they resist) we'll train them free too.
  8. FREE Five year domestic guarantee  (professionals, hospitals, clinics and gym users please ask)
    If it goes wrong in the first year we will replace it (you can see we are confident!) and we pay transport from mainland UK. Second to fifth year we'll repair manufacturing faults free.(Transport not included) Sixth to tenth year we'll repair it free if you purchase extended guarantee at £75 per year (must be taken with initial sale ... you choose the number of years.)
  9. Regular newsletter
    The newsletter looks at improvements users experience and techniques they have developed. New research in back care and fitness. (optional)


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Zero-rated VAT

We promise that our prices are the best you can get, but there may be a way to save even more! There is a little known VAT office concession which allows most Back in Action customers to buy certain products without paying the VAT element. If you (or someone who will be using one of these specific products) are suffering from a chronic/long term condition you should fully explore if this concession applies.

To make it clear: when an item can be purchased at vat zero rating for health reasons, and we offer that option on-line, there will be two pricing options shown and you simply choose the one applicable to your circumstances.

To make sure you don't miss out on this concession here is a brief summary:

  1. To claim the VAT concession both you and the product you are buying from us must qualify.
  2. To decide if your condition allows the concession simply call us. We will talk you through the criteria.
  3. If we agree that your condition justifies VAT relief Back in Action will deduct VAT on the following products:
    All Adjustable Bases
    Back in Action Mattress
    Memory Flex Mattress
    Mammoth Mattress
    All Mattresses when purchased with an Adjustable Base
    Altea Lifting Chairs
    MBT Shoes
    The Mobiliser
  4. You will be sent a Back in Action Vat Exemption Form with your order confirmation, on which you will simply state your condition, sign it and return it back to us. We sign it and keep it on file with your order paperwork. If you do not return the form inside 14 days then (of course) we will have to charge you the VAT.
  5. VAT registered companies such as Back in Action have their VAT figures checked on average every three years. During this the VAT office will select a few forms and check that everything is correct from your side and ours.

To summarise: As a health orientated centre we are in a unique position to help you claim what is rightfully available. If your condition and the product you are buying qualifies then we will not charge VAT. We provide you with a simple form, and if this is correctly filled in we confirm that we will not charge the VAT. You don't need to provide us with any proof, but you may need to do so to the VAT office if they select your sale as a random check. The majority of Back in Action customers find they are eligible for this relief.