Mobiliser™ Travel Bag

Mobiliser™ Travel Bag

Mobiliser™ Travel Bag

Mobiliser™ Travel Bag



Warranty: 1 year

Size Boxed: 5cm x 50cm x 10cm
Boxes Per Item: 1

Out of Stock Lead Time: 4-6 weeks


At Back in Action we want to ensure you get superb value and service every time.

We regularly monitor and update our pricing to ensure that you get great products and great service, all at a great price.

If you do find a cheaper like-for-like price, then all Back in Action staff have management approval to match a competitor's price.

Easy Transport

Mobiliser Bags

Must Haves For Your Mobiliser

When it comes to improving your Mobiliser experience, it's the little things that make a big difference. From lush weighted blankets to travelbags for easy transportation.

Mobiliser Bags

Buy for Life:

The results from its use are life changing, now pain free...  my joints are no longer seized ...  a fitness level better than even my teenage years - I am sixty next month.
- Richard Gilbank

Many Mobiliser purchasers approach us because they know someone, typically like Richard, who sings the praises of their Mobiliser and how it has changed their life. Other purchasers know they need one after just one free taster session.  

We know why... it's because such customers have had years of pain. It's stopping them doing stuff they loved. The pain is getting them down. 

Mobiliser purchasers feel the cost of a Mobiliser, whether paid outright or monthly, is a small price to pay for their quality of life.   

What's included?

  1. Initial discussion
    By telephone or email about suitability for your needs. (click here to start dialogue, click here for telephone numbers and stores; click here for online information about conditions it has helped.)
  2. New Mobiliser System
    Including valuable extra services as below.
  3. Detailed Instruction Book
    With contributions from Dr Lady Ann Redgrave, Doctor to the Olympic Rowing team for ten years.
  4. Ongoing Consultancy
    Superb online, interactive consultancy system which enables users to discuss their experience, and request expertise. Questions are answered by skilled staff and medics. Contact with other Mobiliser users optional. Please click here to see Mobiliser diaries.
  5. Extra help for localised issues.
    Via our consultancy system we are able to observe the progress of thousands of Mobiliser System users. Most seem to get what they want with our help ... which is great, but for some users the improvements in their bodies movement and co-ordination reveal a localised issue that was previously difficult to see. So we even have a system to help there ... if you decide that private treatment or independent fitness consultancy would speed up your progress we will rebate your purchase by the cost of one session a month (max £50 per month) for up six months in the first year (just provide details by email post or fax ... Normally this wouldn’t be surprise to us as we’d have discussed it on the consultancy system!!
  6. Dust cover
    Purchased Mobilisers are supplied in a strong box and with a dust cover for storage. All necessary accessories are included. A pair of travel bags (as used on hire units see left) can be purchased separately.
  7. Lifelong Training at our centres
    Call in by appointment and we'll train you in basic and advanced techniques whenever you feel it needed. If your family start to use it (how can they resist) we'll train them free too.
  8. FREE Five year domestic guarantee (professionals, hospitals, clinics and gym users please ask)
    If it goes wrong in the first year we will replace it (you can see we are confident!) and we pay transport from mainland UK. Second to fifth year we'll repair manufacturing faults free.(Transport not included) Sixth to tenth year we'll repair it free if you purchase extended guarantee at £75 per year (must be taken with initial sale ... you choose the number of years.)
  9. Regular newsletter
    The newsletter looks at improvements users experience and techniques they have developed. New research in back care and fitness. (optional)

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Back in Action Brand Profile

Back in Action was started in 1987 by David Newbound, an engineer who suffered a debilitating neck injury & his wife Lindall Pearce, an artist with an eye for design.

David formed the company when he discovered there was an alternative to constant pain, to share information and products to help other people.

Over the last 35 years we have helped thousands of people, we're very proud of what we do & our caring compassionate team.