Which Spec for my Office Chair?

Which Spec for my Office Chair?

You will possibly spend more time with your office chair than anything (or anyone) else in your life
- so its really worth taking the time to get it right. 

On this website you can't pick a bad chair
- they are all incredible and all likely a big improvement on what you are currently using - specification is important though to ensure you really get the most out of our amazing furniture.

Here is our handy guide to getting it right:

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Which Spec for my Office Chair?

Which Gas Lift do I need? 

Most of our office chairs come with a variety of gas lift heights - which one works best depends on a number of factors including:

  • Desk height / type
  • User Height
  • Model of chair
  • Arm / leg length - if you have unusually long or short arms / torso / legs we suggest consulting with one of our specialists.

Here are some handy rules to follow:

  1. If you are sitting at a standard height desk (72-76cm) and are of average size (5ft4 - 6ft) its likely the standard 200mm specification gas lift will fit you perfectly. 
  2. If you are below average height we suggest ordering or requesting a 165mm / 150mm gas lift
  3. If you are using at a sit to stand desk and are above 5ft 8, its likely you will need a 265mm gas lift (this is unavailable on some models of chair)
  4. If you are 6ft+ but using a standard height desk you will need the 200mm lift. Above 6ft to really get your set up right you would need to raise your desk height to 80cm or above. We suggest adding a set of desk raisers or ugrading to the ultimate solution: a sit to stand desk.

Please see the spec of any stock chair or specifiy the height you want on made to order.
NB: Changing a gas lift is difficult after assembly so do please consult with us if in any doubt. We are here to help.

Which Wheels do I Need? 

  • If you are going to be using the chair on a hard floor (wood, stone, lino etc) you will want a castor made of a softer material so that it doesnt damage your floor. These are called Hard floor Castors or HFC  - these are also slightly braked so that they dont roll too easily.
  • If you are going to be using the chair on a carpet or rug then you will want Castors for Carpet or CFC. These are a harder compound and arent braked, so will roll easily on carpet. 
  • If you will be using the chair in multiple locations the Hard Floor Castors are best.
  • The Sofi Mesh & Futu chairs have Universal Castors which are suitable for all common floor surfaces including carpet and wood. 

NB: Wheel type can be easily changed, simply add a note at checkout.

Do I Need a Footring? 

HAG Universal Footring can be used on any HAG Chair.

  • Additional height for the feet to the rest on
  • A good solution for foot support whilst sitting at a high desk
  • Greater variation of seating positions
  • Easily attached and removed from the chair
  • Compatible with 200 and 265mm gas lifts

Do I need to buy CMHR? 

Using this chair in your home? Be sure to choose a model that is in fire retardant foam (CMHR) for the safety of you and your household.
(this is a legal requirement for UK homes)

  • CMHR Fire Retardant foam, also called Crib5 is a legal safety requirement for use in your home.

Why CMHR / Crib 5?

The domestic standards were introduced in the 90’s after a seriese of house fires. It requires that were a piece of furniture to come into contact with a heat source such as a lit cigarette, it would self extinguish. This is verified by FIRA - the Furniture Industry Research Association.
Furniture designed for commercial offices is unlikely to be made to the same fire-retardant standards. Chairs are identified by a label fixed to the chairs - which is also necessary if re-selling.