Should I stand to work?

Should I stand to work?

The idea is neither to sit nor to stand for the whole day - but to alternate between the two.

Adopting this approach many years ago with our own teams has seen us reduce back pain related sick leave to less than 1%

Sit-stand desking is great for health, productivity, calorie burn, energy levels, fitness, and overall wellbeing!

Click Here for further reading on the value of movement.

Should I stand to work?

Why Sit to Stand?

At Back in Action we all work at sit-stand desks and wouldn't have it any other way! We're not the only ones - users worldwide have seen improvements in their health and well being, increased productivity, decreased back pain, and even weight loss. We find it is the combined ability to sit and stand that has the greatest benefits.

My theory about sitting is simple: if we are allowed to move, we move
- Peter Opsvik.


We live in the body of a Hunter-Gatherer, yet spend most of each day sitting still. Not surprisingly we experience reduced circulation. In particular, our blood and lymph systems work more slowly.

By alternating your work between sitting and standing your body may at first feel a little tired, but it will be encouraged to get fitter, and after a few weeks, those who mix sitting and standing in a balanced way report decreased back problems, extra vitality, and less illness compared to those who work purely sitting down or purely standing.


There are two ways this is improved:
First, an increase in health and vitality allows you to function better (Hemingway, Dickens, and Kierkegaard all had standing desks), second, the ease with which one can move while standing means some tasks are performed more quickly. (try the simple task of assembling and posting a letter sitting vs. standing).


Our body is designed for variety and movement. When we sit all day, even in a Back in Action chair, our calorie burn is lower.

At Back in Action almost all our chairs increase activity and burn more calories by an estimated 20% which leads to increased fitness and alertness. Add the extra calories used by active sit-stand work and you'll be fitter and slimmer ( if your calorie intake stays the same.) Of course, you may not like to lose weight, in which case you could always go for the extra bun!

It really works (we use it!):

Best-Selling Sit-Stand Desks

The BackinAction electric height adjustable desks are designed for Sit to Stand working - sitting for portions of the day and standing for the rest

Electric Sit-Stand Desks

The Capisco: Our favourite Sit to Stand chair

One of the most unusual office chairs out there, designed by legendary ergonomic designer Peter Opsvik - this is an all time favourite for many of our team. In our own offices and showrooms this is the most commonly chosen chair.

It pairs beautifully with sit to stand desking (something all our staff have and we strongly recommend) and can help increase energy, boost productivity and reduce back pain.

We recommend a really hard wearing fabric on this like Capture, Comfort+ or Leather as this is a chair you will have for many years. Its looks wonderful in bold colours because of its unusual silhouette

HAG Capisco 8106 & 8107

Moll Desks: German engineering meets Sit to Stand

Despite its hefty price tag this is one of our best selling standing desks because its just so beautifully made.

  • Easy to use,
  • High quality German manufacture,
  • Zero shake with movement,
  • Near silent motors,
  • Built in hidden storage,
  • Disguised invisible cable management,
  • Hidden in desk plug sockets...
Moll T7 Standing Desk

The Swopper: Excellent For Active Sitting

You've probably never sat on anything quite like it - we think this might be up there with the most fun of all the chairs ever invented.

Worried about how little exercise you do in a day or how little movement you have in your life?
Enter the Aeris Swopper - it's hard to explain in writing just how much movement (and joy) this chair brings. It's not easy to start with as you have to allow your fitness to improve - but boy it is worth it.

CLICK HERE to see why we love movement so much.

The Swopper

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