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Back in Action Sit Stand Desks

Best-Selling Sit-Stand Desk

The Back in Action electric height adjustable desks are designed for Sit-Stand working. Sitting for potions of the day and standing for the rest. Standing at your desk is by far more beneficial for you. Users world wide have seen increases in their health and well being, increased productivity, decreased back pain, and even experienced weight loss.

“People are sitting down at work, then sitting in the car and then sitting down in front of the television” says Dr John Buckley.
“Your metabolic rate crashes to an absolute minimum. It isn't natural. Humans are design to stand up and keep moving.”

We live in the body of a hunter gatherer, yet the modern world has pushed us into sitting for longer and longer each day. It is time to adapt our modern office culture to meet the demands of our bodies. I'm not suggesting we unleash a snow leopard in the office and hunt it down! That would be silly. But standing rather than sitting, moving around rather than a static position, bringing back some activity into your working day.

At Back in Action we all work at sit-stand desks and wouldn't have it any other way! And we recommend use of Sit-Stand desks in all office environments and at home. Adjusting the desk couldn't be easier, simply push a button and the desk can be raised/lowered to your ideal position. The smooth mechanism takes you effortlessly from a seated work position to working standing up, enabling you to improve your working environment and to work in a healthier way.

  • Available generally in 2 weeks
  • Delivery and Assembly (mainland GB) is included in the price
  • Available in a range of wood/colour finishes and 5 sizes.
Back in Action Adjustable Desk

This is an excellent and affordable electric Sit-Stand desk. Available in 5 sizes and 9 colour finished makes it perfect to fit into any enviroment be it a home office or at the workplace. Easy to use 2 button lifting/lowering control attaches to the underside of the desktop | Desk Height 63.5 – 127cm | Dual motor drive for extreeme reliability and logevity.

Standard Lead Time: 2 weeks

Warranty: 2 year

Material: Aluminium & Steel Colour: Silver Height: 63.5 – 127cm Maximum Load: 80kg

Back in Action Adjustable Desk
  1. Maple
  2. Beech
  3. White
  4. Cherry
  5. Walnut
  6. Stone Oak
  7. Bureau Oak
  8. Light Grey
  9. Dark Grey
Cable Tray
CPU Holder
Total: £774
Back in Action Adjustable Desk - Clear Perspex

The excellent Back in Action desk is now available in a high quailty ultra modern see-through perspex top. 160 x 80cm only.

Back in Action Adjustable Desk - Clear Perspex
Cable Tray
CPU Holder
Total: £1,690
BIA Pro Electric Sit-stand desk

Beamless White Frame with White Melamine Thick Top 2.5cm - Depth 80cm
Height range: 61.5 to 127cm

Dual motor drive | 100kg capacity | Spindle lifting system & low energy consumption | 615-1275mm | Soft start & stop | Automatic contact protection | Telescopic base 1100-1700mm | No central beam to allow pedestal use under desk |


Total: £834

Optional Extras

There are 2 highly recommended optional extras; the CPU Holder and Cable Tray. The combination of the two allows you tidy up the cables at the back of the desk and allows the desk to freely move up and down without cables restricting the movement.

CPU Holder - 2 options available, depending on the size of your CPU. Attaching to the underside of your desk, the CPU is raised and lowered with the desk and with the cable tray (if installed). Meaning that power cables, mouse, monitor and keyboard leads, are never stretched or hang loose, as they all move with the desk up and down, again helping make cable management a doddle.

The LiftFix CPU Straps are easy to fit, easy to adjust, strong and secure. Strap length 1500mm, available in black or silver.
The Wide CPU Holder is just as quick and easy to install and adjust. Width adjustment 70-230mm, Height 310-555mm, available in silver.

Cable Tray - Big enough to hold a extension lead to plug in you CPU, monitor and other electrical Any excess cable can be tucked into the tray, making cable management easy-peasy.

Combined - By combining the CPU Holder with the Cable Tray the only cables on show below your desk will be the power cable for the extension lead, the network cable for your PC, and possibly a telephone line. All can be cable tied together to minimise the cables on show.