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Swopper - IN STOCK!

Swopper - IN STOCK!

The Swopper

from £499

In Stock!

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Excellent For Active Sitting

You've probably never sat on anything quite like it - we think this might be up there with the most fun of all the chairs ever invented.

Worried about how little exercise you do in a day or how little movement you have in your life?
Enter the Aeris Swopper - its hard to explain in writing just how much movement (and joy) this chair brings. Its not easy to start with as you have to allow your fitness to improve - but boy it is worth it.

We think acclimatisation takes between 2 weeks and 1 month - with most users reporting improvements in wellbeing, concentration, productivity, energy and reduced back pain. This stool bounces on an adjustable spring and moves with the user in every direction (up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards). With acclimatisation it can be an incredible all day task chair.

Now also available exclusively from BackInAction - The Aeris Swopper Saddle! Totally amazing for those used to cycling or riding or who like an open hip angle.

Swopper Standard - Is an artificial leather only available in a Black. Great if used in a studio or workshop that might get paint or debris on the seat to wipe clean. In an office or domestic setting the Swopper Classic would be better suited  (more fabric options/ finishes to suit the home and more pleasant to sit on all day).

Swopper Classic - comes with a choice of different materials including one of our favourites Comfort Fabric. This adds extra grip and feels great to sit on for many hours. All these fabrics look great in the home and come in a variety of colour choices and options.

Swopper High - Perfect for use with sit to stand for those taller than around 1.75metres  (5ft10").

Swopper Air - Only available in 5 colours a special upholstery structure for an extra-soft sitting experience – the Aeris Swopper (Air) offers a soft and pressure-relieving seat. This high-tech upholstery consists of five matching functional layers and a breathable cover.

Swopper Saddle - This chair offers all the benefits of the original Swopper movement but with the addition of our favoured saddle shaped seat. It offers the user the feeling of being securely planted, giving the best feedback on having even weight distribution through the bum cheeks. Less chance of slipping back into old habits of leaning on one side with this model

If your work is at a normal desk height and you need to reach out sideways a long way, then the Variable Kneeling chair and Creed office chair are also great options to consider.

In Stock Range

Choose from our 'In Stock' range with some of the most popular colours and fabrics.

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Swopper Standard - Classic In Stock
RRP £552

IN STOCK Swopper collection comes in a variety of fabric colour options and the Anthracite base.

Please be aware our In Stock Swoppers do not come with castors.

  • Swopper Standard Chair (seat height 45-59cm)
  • Swopper Classic Chair (seat height 45-59cm)
  • Swopper Classic High Chair (seat height 49-69cm)

Standard Lead Time: 2 working days (when shown as in stock)

Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

Size Assembled: Overall height: 22 - 27.5 inch Seat width: 16 inch Seat height: 6 inch Base width: 21 cm Weight capacity: 265 lbs

  1. 6004
Stock: In Stock - 2 in stock
Total: £499 with FREE delivery RRP £552
Swopper Saddle Chair In Stock

Back Ache? Working at home or working long hours in the NHS?

This is the perfect chair to handle either of those.... So we've bought up all that are available for months and we want them to go where they are most needed.   We are offering 10% to NHS staff and selected home working groups notified by email. If it might apply to you please ask by telephone or email.

This chair turns sitting around a table into a gentle work out for your spine.  If you are stuck behind a pc it creates needed exercise.  If you've had a tough day without rest but still have pc admin to do it gently stimulates back muscles and increases circulation before to stiffen up.

Of course its best served with our Mobiliser at home too.... but we highly commend this chair.

This saddle seat will be bliss for those used to riding a horse or a bike.  It is narrower than some other saddle chairs on the market making it more comfortable on the inner thigh.
Be aware - this takes some getting used to and for a couple of weeks you will need to pace yourself .  Full day sitting might take 2-4 weeks for most people.

Standard Lead Time: 3 weeks leadtime

Stock: In Stock - over 2 in stock
Total: £556 with FREE delivery

Made To Order

Get your Swopper made to order to your exact specification.

You choose from hundreds of colour and fabrics options, add exquisite decorative stitching, choose the base colour, gas lift height, type of castors, and foam type.

If you need advice on any of these options Call Us. Or visit one of our stores and get a personalised seating assessment, when we set up the chair to you

Swopper Classic Chair
RRP £552

The Swopper Classic comes in Dinamica - faux suede, easy-to-clean fabric, with a coloured spring.

Choose your fabric colour, metal base colour and castor options.

Standard Lead Time: Made To Order Swoppers take between 2 and 5 weeks (usually 2, rarely more)

Warranty: 3 years

Size Boxed: 78 x 58 x 25cm
Weight Boxed: 15kg
Boxes Per Item: 1
Volume: 0.113m³

Assembly Required: Item is shipped boxed, for self-assembly
For our adult products we can arrange for a fully assembled delivery at additional charge. Please specify this in the 'comments' section during checkout and we will contact you to finalise costs and delivery timescales.

Swopper Classic Chair
  1. Capture
  2. Select
  3. Comfort
  4. Luna
  5. Artificial Leather
  6. Leather
Swopper Classic Height
Swopper Spring
Swopper Base
Swopper Castors
  1. None
  2. Carpet
  3. Hard Floor
Total: £455 with FREE delivery RRP £552
Swopper Air
RRP £512

IN STOCK Swopper collection comes in a variety of fabric colour options and the Anthracite base.

Standard Lead Time: 2 Working Days

seat height 45-59cm

  1. Green
  2. Red
  3. Grey
Total: £460.80 with FREE delivery RRP £512
Swopper Classic with Castors
RRP £499

The Swopper Classic comes in Dinamica - faux suede, easy-to-clean fabric, with a coloured spring.

Choose your fabric colour and metal base colour. This chair is available with castors.


Standard Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

Swopper Classic with Castors - MADE TO ORDER
Swopper Castors
  1. None
  2. Carpet
  3. Hard Floor
Total: £449.10 with FREE delivery RRP £499
Swopper Work Chair with Optional Dynamic Backrest
RRP £671

The Swopper Work is a complete package including rollers, dynamic backrest and backrest cover.

Standard Lead Time: 2 weeks

Warranty: 3 years

Boxes Per Item: 1

Swopper Work Chair with Dynamic Backrest
Swopper Dynamic Back Rest
  1. None
  2. Backrest
Swopper Dynamic Backrest Cover
  1. None
  2. Cover
Swopper Base
Swopper Work Castors
  1. Hard Floor
  2. Carpet
Total: £603.90 with FREE delivery RRP £671
Swopper Dynamic Back Rest

Whoever puts more movement into their life with the swopper can now also enjoy individual, flexible relaxation with the DYNAMIC backrest:

  • By simply pressing a button you can adjust the height of DYNAMIC backrest in six different positions to match your sitting position.
  • The innovative Multimotional Buffer makes multidimensional movements possible even when you lean back.
  • The ergonomically curved DYNAMIC backrest adapts perfectly to your back and supports the natural curve of your spine.
  • The net-like structure of the exclusive design is air permeable and most distinctive with its dynamic look.
  • Easy assembly - can also be retrofitted.
  • Compatible only with Castors.
  1. None
  2. Backrest
Total: £0

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