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Swopper Muvmat



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Stand in the comfort zone.

Standing on hard floors means hard work for your body after a short time. To make standing more comfortable for you, we have developed the Aeris Muvmat. This special anti-fatigue mat is the perfect complement to your height-adjustable desk, but also for all other workplaces where you have to stand for long periods of time. The topographical 3D structure in the standing mat activates the foot reflex zones, relaxes the muscles and keeps the body moving: like a walk on forest soil.

Thanks to its extremely durable top layer, our anti-fatigue mat can be used with shoes - but is also perfect for barefoot fans. In addition to the office workstation, you can also use the standing mat in production, in the laboratory and in your home. Simply everywhere where you work standing up.

What is more exciting than a walk through the forest? That's right, an expedition through the rainforest. With the new "Jungle" cover, you can bring your daily hike through the Amazon to your standing workstation. The Aeris Muvmat is not a simple standing mat, but an eye-catcher that keeps you moving.

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The Aeris Muvmat has a unique topographical 3D structure that gives your feet the feeling of standing on forest soil. More precisely: on roots, stones and soft moss. The anti-fatigue mat stimulates your foot reflex zones and thus your blood circulation. In addition, your posture constantly adjusts a little. And if you move your feet, you won't get moss on your mind.

Warranty: 2 years

Size Assembled: Size (W) 91,5 cm x (D) 48 cm x (H) 3,5 cm
Weight Boxed: 2.5kg

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