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Monitor Raiser - R5

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Monitor Raiser - R5

The Monitor Raiser - R5 offers supreme simplicity at a low price. A sets of 3 interlocking blocks allows the height of the platform to be adjustmented to move your monitor up to eye level.

Height Adjustement: 25-122mm.
For monitors up to 30kgs

Monitor Raiser - R5


Size Assembled: W: 330mm, D: 270mm, H: 25-122mm
Boxes Per Item: 1

Out of Stock Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

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Monitors Should Be At Eye-Level

Monitor Raisers

Too high, too low or too close, can cause eye strain, neck, shoulder, and back pain

Monitor Raisers


Getting the monitor to be at the right distance is easy.
Sit normally in your seat and hold your arm out. The monitor should be roughly arms length from you.


First things first, you need to make sure your desk and seat are correctly adjusted to suit you. Contact us if you need help with that. Once you have your workstation set up properly, check you monitor. Remember the top of the screen should roughly be at eye-level. Too High? We recommend you check out our Monitor Arms; these can be adjusted in height, depth and angel to fit you perfectly. Too Low? We still recommend our Monitor Arms; they really are the best ergonomic solution. But as a quick fix, the monitor blocks below can be used to raise the height of the monitor.

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