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ErgoElevate LapTop Raiser

ErgoElevate LapTop Raiser

ErgoElevate LapTop Raiser

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Quick Assembly & Easily Portable

Time to stop using your laptop flat - it's completely impossible to maintain good neck and back posture using a laptop without something to elevate it.

Enter the ErgoElevate - So simple to use, so compact, good for the environment, and lightweight. Our stunning, affordable, unbreakable ErgoElevate is made in the UK using small batch production and has been carefully designed to give you the maximum screen lift for the minimum weight of wood. 

We use top-quality Birch plywood to ensure huge strength, durability and a stunning natural wood grain. This is finished in an environmentally friendly oil (rather than a non-degradable lacquer). 

Use anywhere: on the train, at the dining table or at your desk. Add a mini Keyboard and Mouse from our accessories section to be extra healthy. 

ErgoElevate LapTop Raiser In Stock
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ErgoElevate LapTop Raiser

BIA ErgoElevate LapTop Raiser - Wooden Quick Assembly Laptop Stand
Size shown in images: High 200mm

Assembly: two parts, which slot together instantly.
Can be easily assembled and disassembled in around 5 seconds. 

Standard Lead Time: Next Working Day when shown as "In Stock".

Warranty: 2 Years

Size Boxed: L - 36x17x3, M - 36x21x3.5, H - 36x26x3.5
Size Assembled: Low - 25x24x13 Medium - 25x24x16 High - 25x24x20
Weight Boxed: L - 600g, M - 700g, H - 800g
Boxes Per Item: 1

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