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Skovby Dining Tables

Skovby Dining Tables

Skovby Dining Tables

Ingenious Expanding & Rising Tables

Our Favorite Dining Table Manufactuer. Remowned for their ingenuity and beautiful natural wood finnishes.

from £1,899

Skovby was founded in 1933 by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. With vision, strenuous effort and professional pride he created a foundation for sustainable and functional furniture design, which his son Villy Rasmussen and grandsons Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen have carried on ever since.

Early special assignments for the small one-man workshop quickly advanced to complete dining room suites and in less than 20 years Skovby furniture was produced in product lines. This development led to the build-up of an international dealership network. A healthy organic growth with a continuing focus on craftsmanship, natural materials and a sustainable business model that commits to employees and environment.

A common passion

The driving force, and a shared passion spanning the three generations of cabinetmakers, is function. Skovby was among the frontrunners within functional extension systems for tables, and today the furniture company is world renowned for a special talent to combine design and functionality. The continuous and direct reason for Skovby’s success is the ability to develop designs, which unite strong aesthetic expression with innovative function

Skovby Circular Table SM33

Skiovby SM33 Circular Table, with 3 folding leaves.

Height: 74cm
Diameter: 123cm (Extended: 149cm)

Standard Lead Time: These tables are made from real wood, and as such can take time to source materials. Although delivery is usually prompt 4-6 weeks, please allow up to 20 weeks for delivery.

  1. Oak Lacquer
  2. Cherry Lacquer
  3. Black Wenge
  4. Walnut Lacquer
  5. Oal White Oil
  6. Smoked Oak Lacquer
  7. Walnut Oil
  8. Oak Natural oil
  9. Oal White Oil
  10. Walnut Oil
Total: £1,899 with FREE delivery
Skovby SM30 Dining Table

The shape of the table is simple and minimalist, designed for families with a need for varying table height. This unique multi-purpose table can simply be adjusted in height from 64 cm up to 110 cm! All from the press of an up/down button under the tabletop and the top is raised or lowered to exactly the height needed. 

This table has a hidden rechargeable battery and hides all cords. You can use the table as a playing table for children, for dining or even as a work table. There are many possibilities.
The table will also seat eight comfortably and extended with 2 extension leaves which are included with the table and stored under the tabletop the capacity is increased to twelve people.

Size Assembled:
L: 200-280 cm
W: 100 cm
H: 64-110 cm
Boxes Per Item: 1

  1. Smoked Oak Lacquer
  2. Walnut Oil
  3. White Laminate with Oak White Oli Finish
  4. White High Pressure Laminate with Oak Oil-Finish
  5. White High Pressure Laminate with Walnut Oil-Finish
  6. Black Nano Laminate with Oak White Oil-Finish
  7. Black Nano Laminate with Walnut Oil-Finish
  8. Oak Solid Wood Oil-Finish
Total: £2,999 with FREE delivery

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