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At Back in Action we want to ensure you get superb value and service every time.

We regularly monitor and update our pricing to ensure that you get great products and great service, all at a great price.

If you do find a cheaper like-for-like price, then all Back in Action staff have management approval to match a competitor's price.

Skovby Care Collection

Skovby Oils Aftercare

At Back in Action we believe that expanding tables are the most sociable shape – everybody can see and talk to everybody else at the table.

With the Skovby Sm30 Table no one gets stuck with the table leg - When expanded you can comfortably sit 9 people, (at Christmas we have squeezed 12 family members around). The central support is completely unintrusive for everyone sat around the table, making it a more comfortable experience for all.

Skovby Oils Aftercare

Rise to the occasion

By the simple push of a button you can transform this award-winning table #30 from a normal dining table, to a standing workstation or a low table for children’s play and homework – and right back again. Functionality is paramount, the possibilities are endless – and it is all wrapped up in a timeless, elegant design.

From eight to twelve seatings

It also comes with a hidden secret, 2 extension leaves  stored under the tabletop the capacity is increased to twelve people. When it comes to extending the table for special occasions it is very simple, it can be done in 15 seconds. No clips, or awkward positioning required - It is all done for you. Pairs beautifully with the Varier Dining Chairs

The Uk's largest online and high street distributor of Skovby dining tables. Never beaten on price!

Skovby Brand Profile

The beauty of the Skovby range is plain for all to see, but the true genius of this table is the way it effortlessly transforms from a four seater to a nine seater. Unlike other extendable tables, this one will have your guests captivated by it's unique design and innovative configuration. . 

Skovby  The Uks largest online and high street distributor of Skovby dining tables Never beaten on price