RH Office Chairs

RH Ergonomic Office Chairs

The human body is an anatomical miracle. And the better care we take of it, the better we perform. That is as true when it comes to sporting activities as it is for when we are carrying out what we might assume are the most routine of tasks, such as sitting. This is why the RH ergonomic office chairs are one of the best for the task.

RH Ergonomic Office Chairs

A Wonderful Office Chair

One of the best things about the fluid mechanism on the Logic 200/220 ergonomic office chair range is the minimal movement of the front of the seat when leaning backward - Your feet remain in contact with the floor, minimising pressure on the underside of your thigh.

RH Logic 200 & 220

High-Back Office Chair

The RH Logic 400 is the bigger brother of the RH Logic 300. It offers the same customisability and functionality, just bigger and better. Head over to the Logic 300 if you are below about 5ft 6in.

RH Logic 400

Medium-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The RH Logic 300 ergonomic office chair design is inspired by the human form, and by two joints in particular - the knee and the hip. You will notice the effect as soon as you sit down.

RH Logic 300