Backfriend - Single & Double Padded

Back in Action are ergonomic, back pain and postuiral experts. We consider the Backfriend to be one of the best postural aids in the world.
We welcome you to buy the Backfriend online, but we are a friendly company and we like to meet and greet our customers. We can offer the best service, advice and tip to get the most of of the Backfriend and if you suffer from chromic back pain, we can explore other areas of your lifestyle to tackle to root cause of the pain.

Local customers can visit one of our stores to purchase the Backfriend and we'll offer you £10 discount. Simply print off and bring along the discount voucher below.

Visit by appointment?

We open each store to the public 5 days a week but private appointments are possible at other times by agreement with the local store. To ensure our staff are always up to date on product and back pain skills we sometimes close on a Wednesday afternoon. We will post advice to our web site in advance.

Making a long journey?

We see many who drive for hours to visit us each week. Before travelling to one of our stores it is advisable to know that they vary greatly in size and character!

After choosing a store why not pre-book an appointment? They are not essential of course but it will give you priority in a busy store. All stores have unusually qualified staff: Ergonomists, Physios, massage therapists, fitness instructors, Alexander teachers, DOE assessors. These staff are available to you to help choose the very best items for your needs.

As you tour our website we have tried to indicate in the right margin which stores have examples of that page's products on display. This can be temporarily out of date as items get sold so before you travel you might like to call a store to check.