Back Pain

Backinaction is an Aladdin's Cave Poem

Published on – 1 minute read

By Sianna Lunn

Backinaction is an Aladdins Cave Poem

Backinaction is a wonderful store,
With chairs and beds and so much more.
An Aladdin’s cave for your bad back,
And things to get you back on track.

A Humantool upon your chair,
Will see your spine get much less wear.
A Backfriend seat for in the car,
To support your back when you drive far.

Want to rest when you get home?
But find that you are back pain prone…
Go for Stressless signature base,
The rocker seat you should embrace.

Sleepless nights will cause you stress,
Your current bed, you should address.
With several here to suit you all,
Certainly that is worth a call?

A perfect pillow to suit your neck,
And experienced staff to have a check.
We guide you to your perfect fit,
So night time cricks we can omit.

If you haven’t tried our Mobiliser,
Talk it through with our advisors.
A spinal treatment like no other,
Back pain relief you may discover.

There’s lots for you to come and see,
Grab a seat and a cuppa tea.
Happy to help with all your woes,
Visit us and have a nose.