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Important Information Regarding Coronavirus

Published on  – 2 minute read

We hope you are keeping well despite the current situation in the world.

The ongoing virus spread is awful and will touch far too many lives in tragic ways. We really hope the government is right that most will have only mild viral symptoms and many might not succumb at all. For the time being we are proud to still be in a position to support our customers in any way that we can.

IMPORTANT INFO: Please note the latest NHS advice is that Ibuprofen may make the Covid-19 Corona virus symptoms worse for those with pre existing heart or respiratory issues. They are currently recommending paracetamol as the safer option. 
Corona virus and ibuprofen: Separating fact from fiction
That contradicts previous advice and come’s a real surprise.  Please spread the word as its counter intuitive.

The virus situation will of course increase suffering in other ways.  Especially for our typical customer that has to be careful not to trigger a grumbling long-term back issue into a severe attack.

Some of our clients are already telling us that they are struggling because they cannot access their normal practitioner.   As that develops many will find that simple chairs and home sofas are now a daily risk to them and some may not be able to work at home as a result.    
As an example, our demand for Mobilisers has soared this week such that we might now run out before the next factory shipment.

Need help? We are offering free sessions in all our stores on the Mobiliser System.
[as the situation is rapidly changing, please call before you travel]

For those not already aware, the Mobiliser is by far our greatest product and requires no human contact during the 15 minute spinal mobilisation session. Its widely used in the UK military to speed up recovery and reduce demand on medics.

If you need back pain treatment but are worried about catching Corona virus while traveling to or receiving treatment we are (currently) still working normally and can have the Mobiliser delivered to your house to use every day for a month.

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