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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Jeremy Gilbey

Cranial Osteopath

Address: Crista Galli Osteopathy 52 Porchester Road Bayswater London W2 6ET

Telephone: (0)207 221 3557

"I'm an Osteopath with 21 years experience. I have taught at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level over many years. One of my patients (and a close friend) is David Newbound, backinaction's Senior Partner. David and I met years ago when he attended as a patient following an unresolved whiplash injury in his youth. I'm pleased to say he made great progress as a result of Osteopathic treatment and regular use of the Mobiliser. I was impressed by his progress and became one of the early testers.

I have a Mobiliser in my London practice and find it useful for patients with long term problems who benefit from regular usage to encourage mobility in particular regions of the spine and ribs. Some of my patients have hired and bought Mobilisers to great effect, and have continued to use them for years without losing their enthusiasm.

I welcome visitors (by appointment!) to test it at my Bayswater practice. (£10 Can be combined with full assessment at practice rates)".