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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Christopher Morriss DO


Address: 18, Morgan Road, Reading, RG1 5HG

Telephone: Mob: 0788 9946 597

Email: chrismorriss@outlook.com

Chris Morriss has 30 years of experience as a manipulative therapist and 20 years of experience using the Theraflex vertebral mobilising system.

As an important part of his treatment approach, Chris is an enthusiastic advocate of Back in Action’s The Mobiliser, which he uses regularly in his clinic.

The Mobiliser proves invaluable for nervous or anxious patients who are surprised at the relaxing effect it has.  For Chris, as a back-care therapist, it is equally invaluable, as this approach to relaxing the whole body provides an excellent start to identifying the areas that require more targeted treatment.

Patients with more chronic recurring issues, who might not be able to purchase their own Mobilisers, really value coming in to clinic on a regular basis, and at a time convenient to them, so that they can benefit from self-directed use of the clinic’s Mobiliser.

Finally, I have to say, for therapists of whatever discipline, get yourself a Mobiliser to keep your own back in a healthy state!