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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Christopher Morriss DO


Address: 18, Morgan Road, Reading, RG1 5HG

Telephone: Mob: 0788 9946 597

Email: chrismorriss@outlook.com

During my 28 years of clinical practice, I have had a particular interest in encouraging self-help approaches to spinal and postural issues. I have found the use of The Mobiliser an invaluable asset for its role in resolving and preventing spinal problems, both during clinic based treatment and as a consolidating input when used in the home.



However, as with all home devices, it is always best to have a back care specialist assess and advise on its best application to individual circumstances.


This is why I am happy to be providing a local demonstration and advice service for The Mobiliser.


The fee for a full assessment appointment is £50. These can be booked between 11am – 2pm weekdays.


The fee for a single demonstration appointment is £20.00. These can be booked during normal working hours Monday to Friday with some evening and Saturday appointments by arrangement.