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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Michael Rickman

BHSAI Riding Instructor

Address: White Rose Cottage. 48, Main Street, Medbourne, Leicestershire. LE16 8DT

Telephone: 01858 565377

Email: equestrian@talktalk.net

As a qualified LTA Professional Coach, a BHSAI riding Instructor and an Aromatherapy/Massage Practitioner, I was intrigued when I went to Burghley and ‘met’ the Mobiliser for the first time.

Since using it at home in the various spheres I operate in, I have seen some remarkable improvements. This includes increased flexibility, relaxation and an improvement in the ability to take part in sport.

All sport is based on Rhythm, Balance, Timing, Technique and Feel. To obtain these qualities flexibility and relaxation is vital and therefore the Mobiliser is invaluable.