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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Jenny Firkins, Massage and Bodywork

Address: 20 Servius Court, Augustus Close, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 8QZ

Telephone: 07709 212 587

Email: jlfirkins@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.jenniferfirkins.co.uk

I began using the Mobiliser as a rehabilitation tool following a recent prolapsed disc. My rehabilitation was rapid after I began mobilising daily. The pain relief achieved through increased flexibility and movement, together with noticeably better sleeping patterns, helped to get me quickly on my feet and back to work. As a self-employed massage therapist and bodyworker, I continue to use the Mobiliser regularly to maintain my own well-being and suppleness. As a therapist I use the Mobiliser, where appropriate, to prepare adult bodies for treatments. I find the Mobiliser extremely beneficial for preparing clients for deeper work, and equally good for stand-alone treatments. A single demonstration appointment is £20. Contact me for more details on how I can help you!