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Mobiliser Demopoint

Powerful spinal joint mobilisation system

Roger Golten - Doctor Posture


Address: Back in Action, 67-69 George St, London, W1U 8LT

Telephone: 07956 514522

Email: roger@golten.co.uk

Website: www.doctorposture.co.uk

Author of The Owners Guide to the Body, I am a long term & enthusiastic supporter of good ergonomics, and I am delighted to work with Back in Action in London. I was introduced to The Mobiliser several years ago and have used it extensively myself & introduced many others to its use. Particularly useful for clients living far away who can’t get in to see me often enough! Always happy to have a chat if you are at the shop.

In London Tues-Sat., sessions are £125/60 mins, £175/90 mins