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Floating while pregnant

...and the most wonderful feleing of weightlessness

Floating while pregnant

“At 38 weeks pregnant the float experience has been fantastic. Feeling so relaxed but energised so definitely recommend to all expectant mums!”    – Anon

We believe that floating through pregnancy can be a truly wonderful experience. It offers a stimuli-free environment to really connect with your body and baby.

We recommend floating in our cabin room, as you will have more space to move around and it will be easier for getting in and out of the tank.
Visit for more information on our Bristol Floatation Centre

During what can be a stressful and physically draining time, floatation can provide instant relief and relaxation.

We recommend floating in the later stages of pregnancy when the strain on your body and the need for a breather will be most significant.

The recommended cut off time for floating when pregnant is two weeks before the due date of the baby. This is safest for both Mum and the baby. 

“I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been feeling swollen, achey and stretched!... I awoke feeling refreshed, very awake and no aches and pains! I wish I had a pod at home”   – J Schofield

We love chatting to expectant mums' about the benefits of floating during your pregnancy so if in doubt, give us a call to chat it through.

"...My baby initially responded by having a wiggle but soon relaxed with me.

It gave me an incredible feeling of almost knowing what the baby was experiencing in me.

The feeling afterwards is certainly one of deep relaxation, but also a sense of being revitalised and refreshed like you’ve just had a re-energising sleep. I highly recommend a float to have an hour of really connecting with your baby."

- Caroline Flynn, 3rd trimester

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