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Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions

Near you Soon: Every Year We Take Our Fabulous Mobiliser and the Wonderful Human Tool to external events, most far from our stores...

Don't miss out. Some free tickets usually available.

The National Running Show 2018

20 January 2018 to 21 January 2018


Back Pain When You Run?.....

Back Pain When You Stop Running??!!!

Or your back hurts whether you run or not???!!!!  :-(

You are not alone.  Running with back pain, even in great shoes, can create irreversible damage. 

That's why thousands of runners hire or buy a Mobiliser system from Backinaction.  It can beat long term issues by decompressing the lower discs, increasing lubrication and its been tested and approved by the UK military for low back injuries.

It's also known for decreasing the reaction of hard training and increasing race preformance.

On the Back In Action stand you can have a FREE test run and you can book a one month home based recovery package for £199.

Some free tickets available...request via our enquiry form.