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NEW HumbleWorks Standing Mini Desk

Working and well being aren`t mutually exclusive. This desktop device is portable, ergonomic, minimalist and can really help to improve well-being at work.   

NEW HumbleWorks Standing Mini Desk

This is one of the most durable, easy to assemble and easy to use devices we have come across - and its the first that has such an excellent variety of positions for both the keyboard and screen height.

HumbleWorks and BackInAction have a shared belief that healthy products should also be beautiful and easy to use. These Standing desks are a great solution for those who want to experience the benefits of standing but are limited by space or budget.

HumbleWorks - Stan 1 In Stock

HumbleWorks flagship standing desk was specially designed for promoting well being in the office by improving posture, metabolism and productivity. Made from premium plywood, they are height adjustable, light-weight and easy to transport.

Stan1 was specially designed for supporting only laptops with screens of up to 15″ on the upper shelf and can support a total weight of up to 5kg.



Size Boxed: 810 x 400
Weight Boxed: 6kg
Boxes Per Item: 1

Stock: In Stock
Total: £199 with FREE delivery
HumbleWorks - Stan 2

As Stan1's big brother, Stan2 boasts the same great features as our smaller standing desks but with wider and thicker shelves for supporting iMacs, desktops, screens of up to 27″ and a total of 10kg.


Stan2 was specially designed for supporting desktops and screens of up to 27″ on the upper shelf and can support a total weight of up to 10kg. It has wider shelves than Stan1 making it suitable for two small screens or an iMac in the upper shelf.

Size Assembled: Upper Shelf: 600 x 270mm Lower Shelf: 600 x 350mm
Weight Boxed: 10kg
Boxes Per Item: 1

Total: £229 with FREE delivery

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