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Keyton Retro Massage Chair

Keyton Retro

 The Keyton Retro has a super retro look that was inspired by the 60's. Turn back time, lay back, relax and think about the good old days.

Keyton Retro

Massage Systems:

This chair comes with 2 massage system options: RC7 and H10.

The RC7 is a recliner, with a floating leg massage. Ideal for putting your feet up and slipping into a relaxed state of mind. If you are wanting a more comprehensive massage chair, consider the Sensor Spa massage system.

The H10 is a complete massage system, with kneading, tapping, rolling and floating massage options, as well as 8 pre-set programmes. The chair fully reclines and has an independently adjustable leg rest.
Each massage type is customisable, so you can be sure of getting the massage that you need.
You can set the massage to 'soft' for a relaxing massage or switch it up to 'medium' or 'sports' for a more rigorous massage.