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You will soon receive a call to book the delivery, once a date has been agreed we ask that you make a few arrangements prior to the delivery. Our service assumes that your road has access for a Luton sized van and room to park close to your front door. If there is more than a normal domestic flight of stairs, please notify us pre-delivery. The drivers will also need clear access from the front door to your room of choice. Any valuables along this route might need to be removed in order to avoid damages. If pictures have been removed and hooks left on the walls, please let the drivers know so that they do not snag the mattress, or themselves on the exposed hook.

The First Night's Sleep

You may feel the mattress is firmer than expected when delivered. This is natural. Your mattress can take up to 4 weeks to fully reach optimum temperature, with the mattress softening during this time. With all mattresses there can be a slight odour from the manufacturing process, it is not harmful and most do not find it unpleasant. However, some with sensitive noses may find this odour to be intense. Allow the mattress to air for a day or two and the odour will disperse. Please be patient with your mattress in the first few days.

The Following Weeks/Months/Years

You will not need to flip your mattress, however you will need to rotate your mattress from head-to-toe (see diagram) once a month during the first year and every 3 months after that. This will help the mattress settle evenly while offering the best support and comfort. To maintain a valid warranty this action will be required.

The Following WeeksMonthsYears


Settlement is a natural occurrence that happens on all mattresses; the mattress will relax and settle to the contours of your body. Further details can be found on your warranty card provided with your mattress. Settlement will not affect the performance of the mattress and you can enjoy a good night's sleep for years to come.

Please note trial period only applies to BIA mattresses

We hope this information has helped you with any questions you may have had. If you wish to seek any further information please contact our Customer Service department on 01494 434372.