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MBT Appointments

What is an MBT Fitting?

Mbt's need to be a perfect fit to get the optimal balance and relief when wearing them, shoes that are too big can cause discomfort and you may not feel the true benefit of the shoe. There are also 3 levels of stability which we can guide you through.

  • We'll help you find the correct sizes MBT's. Most people without visiting us for MBT's will choose sizes that are too big.
  • We walk you through the different types of shoe sole: There are 3 levels of stability which subtly change how the shoe works.
  • We'll teach you how to get the most out of these shoes, and get them working with your body.
  • We assess the reasons for buying (fitness, posture, strengthening muscles), and offer tailored advice for you. You should not wear MBT's for some activities, we'll go through all this, and much more.
  • Every in store MBT customer is entitles to a session on our world renoun Mobiliser System PLUS a 5% in store discount on all shoes.

Helpful advice:

You may walk into our stores a size 6 and walk out a size 5... It is human nature to favour comfort over practicality, as a result people often choose bigger, roomier shoes. We will fit you properly with the correct size shoe, and after a short acclimatization, you will feel more comfortable in your shoes than you've ever felt before.

Booking an appointment with us is easy.

Just let us know which style of shoes you are look for, your current shoe size, and which store you'd like to visit, and we will arrange for a suitable time for you to be fitted and we will make sure we have good selection to be there ready for you to try.

A mobile number is not required, though please enter one if you wish to be sent a text message when we reply to your enquiry!

Please choose your local store, so we can better assist, and make sure that we have the shoes at the right store for your arrival.

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