Moll Adjustable Desks

Which Moll Desk?

The range of Moll desks is some of the best children's desks in the world.

They are designed to be functional and practical, without compromising at all on comfort or ergonomics.

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Which Moll Desk?

All Moll desks are height adjustable which allows the desk to grow with your child from primary school through to university. They also come with a tiltable desktop to create a perfect angle for reading and writing.

  • Choose Moll Champion for the very best children's desk. Available to suit left and right-handed users, YoYo device height adjustment is standard, available in 8 colors and has full storage options.
  • Choose Moll Winner for value for money. Great desk with loads of function and storage options. Choice of classic feet or YoYo device height adjustment, 4 colours, and full storage options.
  • Choose Moll Winner Compact if you are limited on space or looking to reduce cost. This has all the function of the Moll Winner, it is just smaller and cheaper.