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Eliminate Over Stretching

When your back is painful it will be over-sensitive. The slightest bad movement, a poor chair or mattress can trigger a vicious cycle of back pain for days. PosturePlast can help!

The Back in Action PosturePlast is worth its weight in gold. As soon as you put on the PosturePlast you will begin to understand how different environments affect your posture. This will be the beginning of your individual postural assessment. As you go through the day the PosturePlast will highlight moments when you have bad posture and overwork the spine. Once you recognise where and when these moments occur, you can then take action to improve the health of your spine, thus changing how you sit, how you move and the furniture you use.

We have four stores, where you can be properly fitted with the PosturePlast.

Benefits of the Back in Action PosturePlast

  1. Re-trains your movement technique in every day life… such as lifting, exercise and sports.
  2. Identifies chairs, beds and carseats which cause your posture to collapse. You should correct or change these items in order to help protect your spine for the future.

Fitting Instructions and Tips

  1. Check that your skin is dry and free from creams and moisturisers.
  2. Identify the top of the PosturePlast (the smaller end).
  3. Stand upright - in front of a mirror or with someone to help you – and hold the PosturePlast vertically along your spine. The centre of the plastic strip should sit just above the base of your spine.
  4. Hold in place, remove the backing from the bottom half ONLY and smooth the PosturePlast downwards.
  5. Remove the backing from the top half and smooth it upwards.
  6. Wait 5 minutes for the adhesive to bond. Allow a couple of hours before attempting challenging movements or sitting in a chair with poor lumbar support.

If you require further assistance

  1. Contact one of our friendly staff who can talk you through the fitting process
  2. Pop in to one of our stores and we can apply it for you.