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Situ Live - Flokk

8106 Insitu

Capisco 8106 In Stock
RRP £899
  1. 60999
  2. CPT 4102
  3. 6601
  4. 6101
Total: £859 with FREE delivery RRP £899
Capisco 8106

One of the most unusual office chairs out there - this is an all time favourite for many of our team. In our own offices and showrooms this is the most commonly chosen chair.

It pairs beautifully with sit to stand desking (something all our staff have and we strongly recommend) and can help increase energy, boost productivity and reduce back pain.

Mereo 220 Duo
  1. CPT 4601 VAL 9305
  2. CPT 5402 VAL 9305
Total: £1,090 with FREE delivery
Mereo 220 Duo

Perfect if you want to achieve an active sitting position which cant help with better concentration and productivity. its relaly easy to adjust so suitable for workplaces where several people use the same office chair.

Mickey Stool
RRP £534
  1. STT 213
  2. STT 383
  3. STT 453
  4. 515
Total: £511 with FREE delivery RRP £534
Mickey Stool

Mickey Stool swivels and swings from side to side, has a height adjustment that goes from a low pouffe to a seat providing support during standing work, and can serve different needs – either quick conferences for several people or sitting at a desk with someone for a while. Secondly, thanks to a special handle, the seat can be easily moved, rearranged and have its height adjusted all at the same time! Mickey can be order in pastel or more expressive colours of upholstery and combine with neutral plastic colours gives opportunity to create creative spaces for spending time together.

Hag Sofi Mesh Insitu
RRP £1,059
  1. Select Grey with Grey Mesh
  2. Select Black on Black Mesh
Total: £846 with FREE delivery RRP £1,059
Hag Sofi Mesh Insitu

The HÅG SoFi 7500 is a mesh chair that provides you with the ventilation benefits of a breathable, transparent backrest. HÅG in Balance® technology ensures more subconscious movement. Adjustable seat height and depth, and unique fully functional lumbar support. The seat, lumbar support and headrest can be dressed up in a variety of colours from the HÅG Total Colour Standard and extended textile collections to satisfy individual preferences and achieve the desired style. Available with HÅG SlideBack™ armrests which allow you to move closer to your desk, invite you to sit sideways or use the armrests as elbow support.